30% Of Royal Fans Say This Was Queen Elizabeth's Best-Named Corgi - Exclusive Survey

From the time her father brought home a corgi named Dookie when she was seven years old, Queen Elizabeth II has been enamored with the pointy-eared, short-legged, fluffy breed. After having several as pets during her childhood, she started her own corgi breeding line as a young woman, which would eventually lead to almost 50 pups in her lifetime, many of which she personally raised. "My corgis are family," Vanity Fair has quoted the queen saying.

While several of the queen's canine entourage have been named with titles suitable for their human companions (Susan, Heather, Cindy, Rufus), and others have been given traditional dog names (Blackie, Shadow, Smoky, Sandy), the queen also proved she had a more creative side when naming her fluffy family members. Among the more unusual monikers have been Vulcan, Disco, Dime, Pundit, Sweep, Windsor Quiz, Myth, and Pickles. 

With royal fans just as smitten with the queen's corgis as the queen herself, The List thought it was only fitting we find out which of the famous furry friends had the name you most loved. The result? It's Foxy for the win. 

Foxy wins by a dog's tail

While Queen Elizabeth II had lots of great names for her pups, Foxy took the win in The Lists' exclusive YouTube Poll. Given the choice between Foxy, Sandy, Muick, Candy, or Vulcan, responders made their choice clear with the animal-themed name. As one fan commented, "Corgis have the look of foxes, especially around the face and head." Although they also noted that similarity ended at the front: "Of course, their behind is a bunny butt."

For those who haven't completely memorized the royal pups, Foxy was fifth generation, a descendant of Heather. While several members of the queen's dog troop were corgi/dachshund mixes (aka dorgis, a breed the queen created), Foxy was all corgi. She gave the queen Mask, Cindy, Rufus, and Brush.

While Foxy came out on top in this poll, it should be noted that several people in the comments gave a nod to Susan, the corgi gifted to Queen Elizabeth on her 18th birthday. "Susan was HM's first corgi, so Susan for sure," shared one fan. And one fan summed it all up nicely, commenting, "Queen Elizabeth II really loved corgis, didn't she? I don't blame her for loving those cute little loaves of bread."