What Happened To Teen Mom Star Maci Bookout's Son Bentley?

Longtime fans of MTV's "Teen Mom" franchise will likely never forget some of the obstacles that Maci Bookout had to overcome after becoming pregnant with her first child, son Bentley Edwards, as a teenager. Bentley became a huge favorite among viewers, with his adorable charm and red hair. However, Maci and Bentley's father, Ryan Edwards, struggled in their relationship and eventually parted ways. However, custody always seemed to be a source of tension between the pair. Over the years, the situation turned even more sour when Ryan was revealed to have substance abuse issues, spending time in both rehab and jail. Through the years, Maci and Ryan both moved on to get married and have other children, placing Bentley in the middle of two blended families. 

Sadly, Ryan's sobriety struggles created conflict within Bentley, who pulled away from spending time with his father and asked if he and Ryan could attend therapy together (via MTV). When Bentley went to therapy on his own, it was revealed that he may have felt neglected by his father. Despite Bentley's issues with Ryan, he still remained close to Ryan's parents, Larry and Jen Edwards. These days, Bentley has entered his teenage years and is busy with normal teen activities.

Bentley is a superstar athlete

"Teen Mom" fans have watched Maci Bookout's son, Bentley Edwards, grow up before their eyes thanks to the MTV reality show. However, they've also gotten some updates on social media. In 2021, Maci took to Instagram to gush over Bentley and his two younger siblings, Jayde and Maverick, about their wrestling performances, revealing that they were headed to a state tournament. In addition to wrestling, Bentley seems to be serious about playing baseball, and Maci has often shared photos of her oldest son in uniform.

In 2022, Maci revealed that parenting a teenage Bentley has been a mixed bag of both good times and difficult times. "Teenage years are an absolute blast and they are an absolute struggle," she told People. "It is difficult because it's gotten to the stage where he wants to make his own decisions and deal with the consequences of those," she added.

Sadly, Bentley has also had to deal with the consequences of his father Ryan Edwards' actions. In early 2023, Ryan made headlines for his relationship and impending divorce from his wife Mackenzie. He was later found unresponsive in his truck. He was taken to the hospital and charged with a DUI. He was also arrested again for violating his protection order against his wife.

Bentley decides what he shares with the cameras

Although Bentley Edwards has grown up in front of MTV cameras, now that he's a teenager he calls the shots when it comes to filming. "Bentley, he's the oldest 'Teen Mom' kid. He was born on TV, so it's kind of normal for him," Maci previously told People. "As he's gotten older, obviously sharing things that are personal to him, is always been under the same set of boundaries. If he doesn't want to film — or Jade or Maverick — then they don't film. If they don't want even to put a microphone on, they don't put a microphone on," she continued.

Bentley lives with Maci and her husband Taylor McKinney, as well as their two children. Although Bentley has a rocky relationship with his father, Ryan Edwards, Taylor has stepped up to be a father figure for the teen. "I knew early on, before I moved out here the role I was taking on and I wasn't going to come into his life and leave, I was going to be a father figure and teach him everything my dad taught me," Taylor said during an episode of "Teen Mom," per OK!. "I mean, to me he's mine," he added.

Bentley recently graduated middle school and is off to high school. He appears to have an active life and a good support system in place as he navigates his teenage years.