Virgin River Star Martin Henderson Posts Up-Close Look At Treatment For Injury

"Virgin River" star Martin Henderson gave his social media fans an update on his health following a sports injury. The New Zealand native took to his Instagram account in June 2023 to share that he had been suffering from some nagging shoulder pain after he went too hard on the tennis court. However, he admitted that things were looking up thanks to the help of a special physical therapist. "Thank you @cryohealthnz for putting humpty back together again!" he wrote. "Been nursing a persistent shoulder injury after a heated game of doubles last month and feel so much better already thanks to Jilly and her skill as a physical therapist."

Henderson went on to reveal that cryo therapy is still pretty new to New Zealand but that he was thankful to have his old friend from California helping him heal and get ready for more adventures with her physiotherapy skills. Of course, it's no surprise that Henderson would get a sports-related injury as he's proven himself to be quite the athlete over the years. In January 2023, he gushed over spending time at the Australian Open, where he spent his time rooting for Tommy Paul, proving what a big tennis fan he really is.

Meanwhile, fans of the actor didn't hesitate to share their support for him during his recovery.

Fans share support for Martin Henderson after injury update

"Virgin River" fans didn't hesitate to share their well wishes for Martin Henderson after he gave them an update on his shoulder injury, per Country Living. Many posted sweet comments for the actor on social media and even revealed how excited they were for the upcoming seasons of the show. "Thank you [for] sharing this. Get well. Take care of yourself and get fit for VR. Loveeeee you❤️🥰," one person wrote. "Aw sorry to hear you hurt yourself but glad you are getting the care you need. We need you in tip-top form for season 6 'Virgin River,'" another commented.

Meanwhile, Henderson's shoulder injury won't impact the upcoming fifth season of the series, where he portrays the role of Jack Sheridan, as it was filmed immediately following Season 4. In addition, the current writer's strike also seems to be a non-factor when it comes to the show, as Netflix has announced plans for Season 5 to debut in the fall. The show has also been renewed for Season 6, and hopefully, Henderson's shoulder will be in much better condition so that it doesn't have any impact on his ability to film his scenes.

Unfortunately, Henderson's tennis injury is just his most recent. The actor also suffered a scary injury while filming Season 4 of his hit Netflix series.

Martin Henderson previously suffered an on-set injury

Fans of "Virgin River" know that the show is big on drama, and has even ended on some shocking cliffhangers over the years. However, during Season 4 of the Netflix series, there was some real-life drama to contend with after Martin Henderson suffered an injury on set during a physical scene with a co-star. In one episode of the show, Henderon's character Jack is seen attending a renaissance fair in town, with activities such as archery, dancing, and elaborate costumes.

Jack and his best friend Preacher take the stage to perform a sword-fighting reenactment for the town and that's when things turned scary on set. "Martin did a backflip over this hay bale and landed on his head. I heard it," Henderson's co-star Annette O'Toole said (via Hello Magazine). "That was not coordinated," Henderson added of the fall. "That will be the last stunt I ever do myself. Tom Cruise sets the bar so high and then I come in and land on my head." Henderson was described as a bit "starry-eyed" after the fall, but continued on with his job and finished the scene.

Now that Henderson is on the mend, fans can't wait to see what the future holds for his character and the rest of the gang in the upcoming episodes of "Virgin River."