What Does It Mean If You Have A Normal Skin Type?

Knowing your skin type goes a long way in determining which skincare products you need to use and what regimen works best for you. Yes, most products are beneficial, but there are some products that can worsen your condition if you have oily skin. Similarly, if you have dry skin, products like clay masks can only cause your skin to become drier. Some people have combination skin which has both oily and dry zones. 

Overall, there's a lot of freedom that comes with knowing your skin type and you can reach your goals faster without much hindrance. However, some people don't have either oily or dry skin. Their skin type is "normal," and that in itself might sound too good to be true. Normal skin might sound like an oxymoron or some unheard-of concept that nobody knew existed, but it's real. There are people walking among us without fear of oily T-zones or peeling faces. If this sounds like you, first of all, yes. Secondly, there are ways you can decide for good if you have normal skin. 

Normal skin is hassle-free, balanced skin

It might be difficult for you to determine if you have a normal skin type because that's such a vague description. However, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Specific Beauty Heather Woolery-Lloyd via Byrdie laid out some characteristics which could help to identify your skin type. 

According to her, people with normal skin are not prone to blemishes. They also don't have sensitive skin, oily or dry skin, and they rarely break out, if ever. You also won't find them frying and wailing about their pores being enlarged because they are typically invisible or close to it. So basically, people with normal skin are blessed.

Renowned facialist Dr. Rhea Souhleris Grous described normal skin as being "in balance in terms of oil and water." She also said, "As a result, it does not feel too dry or too oily and is generally low maintenance." Some professionals don't believe that normal skin even exists outside of product labels. All in all, if your skin generally doesn't give you issues and isn't dry or oily, you probably have normal skin.

Normal skin can still suffer breakouts and other conditions if not treated well

If you have normal skin, it might seem like you can get by doing the bare minimum. However, just because you have a balanced skin type that doesn't mean you don't have to put in the work to make it look and feel its best. Your skincare routine must still be on point and consistent so that you can get the most out of your body.

Dr. Rhea Souhleris Grous makes it clear regardless of your skin type, you are still very eligible to experience adverse conditions if you don't properly care for it. Board-certified dermatologist Loretta Ciraldo advises people who exhibit the "normal" skin type to use products engineered specifically for people with normal skin.

Because the term "normal" in this context is hard to place, dermatologist Heather Woolery-Lloyd offers a more comprehensive method to accurately identify your skin type called the Baumann Skin Typing System. This system consists of a questionnaire that will help you pinpoint your exact skin traits. Once you are done with the test, then you can build your skincare routine to suit your normal skin type.