Is DAYS' Lamon Archey Ready For Another Stint As Eli? The Actor Weighs In

"Days of Our Lives" fan favorite Lamon Archey is back in Salem as Eli Grant, and viewers couldn't be more excited. Eli left the show in 2022 but returned for Christmas and to celebrate Juneteenth. However, the real reason the character is back in action is to help find his father-in-law, Abe Carver (James Reynolds), who is dealing with amnesia and has been kidnapped. Archey told Soap Opera Digest that he filmed for the soap for a couple of weeks and believed his latest stint would last about a month. "It's always good to be back and see some of the people that I spent so much time working with day in and day out. It's never a bad time being back there with my 'DAYS' peeps," he stated. Archey even admitted that he'd be ready for another appearance on the sudser. "If I'm available and 'DAYS' calls, I'm always up to find out what the storyline is about, see if it's something that's of interest to me, and come back for a visit," he said.

Archey also went on to gush about working with many of his former co-stars, such as Susan Seaforth Hayes and her real-life husband Bill Hayes, who played the beloved Horton family patriarchs Doug and Julie Williams. Of course, he was also excited to work with Jackee Harry and Galen Gering again. 

Of course, Eli can't come back to Salem without mention of his wife, Lani Price (Sal Stowers), and their twins, Jules and Carver.

Lamon Archey is open to another Days of Our Lives return

While Eli Grant is back in Salem, it seems he'll be hard at work trying to find Abe Carver and shelling out relationship advice. "You're definitely going to see us doing police work," the actor said of his most recent Salem stint. "Any way Eli can help out with the investigation, he will. He'll also give his two cents on the attraction he sees between Jada [Hunter] and Rafe [Hernandez]." It appears Eli will be joined by his wife, Lani Price, as well. Lamon Archey and Sal Stowers recently teased a big surprise for their characters, and fans may get to see an "Elani" reunion during the actor's month-long return to the soap opera. As for the couple's children, Archey says that he believes Eli would have left the twins in Washington, D.C., with his mother while returning to Salem to help find Abe.

As many "Days of Our Lives" fans will remember, Lani was sent to prison after confessing to shooting her biological father, T.R. Coates, with her police service weapon. She was went to D.C. to serve her time, and Eli quickly packed up their kids and moved to the nation's capital to be closer to his wife. While it doesn't seem that the pair have any plans to come back for good, viewers would love to see him and Lani back on their screens again in the future.