The Meaning Behind The July Ruby Birthstone

Each month of the year has been assigned a specific gem that have become known as birthstones. If you were born in October your birthstone is opal, while those born in April are given diamonds to correlate to their birth month. July babies are assigned ruby as their official birthstone. Each stone has a history behind it, with meanings, myths, stories, and uses that date back many, many years. In fact, the origins of birthstones are believed to go all the way back to biblical times when the prophet Aaron wore a breastplate with 12 gemstones on it, which were said to represent the 12 tribes of Israel (via Mark Schneider).

Over the years, many people have believed that these gemstones have possessed healing powers, luck, and have also been linked to spirituality for those who like to wear their specific birthstone. These days it is common to find birthstones in rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even on keychains. Birthstones have become easily accessible to those who like to represent their birth month and their stone. However, not many know the real history and meaning behind their specific birthstone. For those born in July, the ruby is said to hold special properties that can be used for health and prosperity.

Rubies have a long and interesting history

With its stunning and sparkling deep red color, the ruby was once called "king of precious stones" in ancient India and has long been believed to be associated with spiritual and mystical energy. In the past, warriors would wear rubies into battle, believing it would protect their lives and heal their wounds. Ruby has been seen as a symbol of power and energy over the years, and many have believed that it could also aid in the cure for inflammation in the body, while others thought that the stone could warn of danger and evil (via GIA). Rubies have also been connected to health and wealth in centuries past.

Rubies have also been believed to bring happiness, passion, and courage into the lives of people who wear them. The stone is considered a symbol of protection to this day and is even thought by many to bring peace into the lives of those who utilize them. In addition, the ruby is said to help with procrastination, helping motivate and bring energy to those who may need it.

"It's also great for encouraging exploration of new thoughts and ideas, so if you have been feeling a little bit stuck, boxed in, or lacking some creativity, it really encourages you to shift your perspective and think of things in a new way," Ashley Leavy, the founder of the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy, tells Mbg Mindfulness.

Rubies can aid in physical and mental healing or represent love and marriage

Today, most rubies are found in Myanmar, Thailand, India, Vietnam, or Cambodia, per Bling Advisor. While rubies are well known for their deep red color, some can appear with more pink or orange hues, with others can even be deeper in color, presenting burgundy or purplish tones. In addition to being used as the July birthstone, rubies have also become known as presents for romantic occasions, particularly the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries, due to their correlation with love and passion.

Those born in July may want to consider wearing their stunning birthstone, as it may help them with healing properties both physically and mentally, aid in meditation, offer protection, and help give them strength to face life's challenges (via Herzindagi). According to Mbg Mindfulness, July is known for its intensity, making the vibrant red gemstone the perfect match for those born during the month. 

Of course, rubies are not limited to those born in July. Anyone can wear the beautiful gem and use its believed energetic properties to their advantage. But, you may feel more drawn to a ruby if you are a July baby.