Gwendlyn Brown Says She's Left 'Emotionally Scarred' After Kody's Harsh Punishments

Gwendlyn Brown has made the tumultuous relationship she has with her father, Kody Brown, known to the public. On her YouTube channel, @Gwendlyn, she takes us into her and her family's life on "Sister Wives" by posting videos of herself watching, reacting, and commenting on the TV show. She shares her raw and honest reactions and ends each episode by answering questions posted by her audience, and she does not hold back when it comes to painting the picture of her upbringing.

As you can imagine, lots of the questions people ask on her show regard the truth of the situation: was it staged/exaggerated or was it real? While Gwendlyn can't always answer for her family members that were filmed, she can for herself. "All my reactions and information will be 100% true (according to my opinion)," Gwendlyn wrote on her Patreon page.

In her episodes, Gwendlyn gets vulnerable. She shares stories from the past, what she felt during the happenings unfolding on the screen, and what she witnessed in her family members. When it comes to childhood, Gwendlyn recently shared that she has some deep wounds.

Gwendlyn's experience coming to light

Gwendyln Brown often recalls memories from childhood on her YouTube episodes. She includes the good and the bad. When someone asked her if she'd ever been physically abused, she responded with details. "I remember being bruised a few times when my dad would spank me," Gwendlyn said in a Patreon video, according to The U.S. Sun. "... I know some people disagree that spanking is abuse, and it is. It is an excessive way to discipline your children. There are better ways that won't leave them emotionally scarred." She went on to explain how he would throw her in the air to dissuade her from certain behaviors when she was little.

In her review of "Sister Wives" season 17, episode 10, Gwendlyn pays special attention to the scene where her father storms off in a rage. Prior to the dramatic exit, he had been meeting with his wives to discuss one of them leaving. He grew angry, so much so that he eventually rose from his seat to yell at them. A fan asked if the scene was accurate or exaggerated. "We are definitely starting to see the true side of him because he's yelled at me like this before," she responded on the YouTube series. "This might be new, like as of this decade, but this is how he is now."

A distant relationship

Later on in the review of season 17, episode 10, Gwendlyn Brown unpacks a scene where her father is picking up her step-siblings from school. Gwendlyn started showing emotion as she paused the video to explain her response. She said she was genuinely happy that her siblings got to see him excitedly pick them up after school, take interest in their day, and be present with them in general. While she's happy for them, seeing it on the screen touched a soft spot. "I just didn't get that," she said on the YouTube episode. "I don't remember coming home from kindergarten or anything and seeing my dad and him being happy that I ate all my lunch or that I made a friend at school ... It was never my dad ... It sucks that he was never there."

Their present-day relationship is still tense. Gwendlyn is currently engaged to her girlfriend, Beatriz Queiroz. They have made plans for the wedding and even sent out invitations, but given her current relationship with her father, Gwednlyn does not think he, his only remaining wife Robyn — whom the family believes is Kody's favorite — or their kids will attend. "I don't know if they'll want to come," Gwendlyn said in a YouTube video. "It seems like we've kind of been like shunned from him and I don't think he wants anything to do with the rest of us. I really hope they do come, I terribly miss my siblings."