What Happened To Koko Face Yoga After Shark Tank?

In 2019, Japanese entrepreneur Koko Hayashi appeared on "Shark Tank," seeking $200,000 for a 20% stake in her business, Koko Face Yoga. If you've never heard of face yoga before, you're not alone. Facial yoga exercises the face for younger and firmer features. It is non-invasive and is one of the best natural ways to keep your skin healthy as you age. Hayashi's journey into facial yoga began after a botched chin surgery left her face asymmetrical and distorted at 27. Motivated by her own experience, she pursued formal education and certification in the field, marking the birth of Koko Face Yoga. 

Ten years later, Hayashi relocated to the United States to expand her client base. During her "Shark Tank" pitch, she passionately asserted that just five minutes of exercise every day could transform one's face permanently. Hayashi's facial aging technology showed Kevin O'Leary what he could look like in a couple of years without any exercise. Then, she showed him how he would look if he committed to brief facial yoga workouts every day. But, as you probably remember, Koko Face Yoga did not secure a deal, even though it was already worth a million dollars. 

The judges tried out some of Hayashi's exercises and listened to her data-backed information, but the lack of immediately visible benefits was a deterrent. So where's the company at nowadays? 

Koko Face Yoga is still in business and thriving

Fortunately, Koko Hayashi's "Shark Tank" disappointment didn't deter her. Before the show, Koko Face Yoga had already collaborated with notable influencers in the beauty industry, such as the Kardashians. But, post-"Shark Tank," she expanded her reach to include additional media outlets and significantly improved her online presence.

The Koko Face Yoga website now offers certification courses for face yoga lovers who want to become tutors and work with Hayashi directly. Koko Face Yoga's offerings include daily sessions, apps, books, and beauty products like the anti-aging AULA Pillow. Even more impressive are the transformation photos and the free blog where readers can grab some face yoga knowledge.

As for her company's financial growth since "Shark Tank," available information is somewhat contradictory. Net Worth Spot suggests that Hayashi is worth almost $400,000, while Youtubers.me claims her net worth is as high as $2 million. Hayashi has yet to address her net worth publicly, but her continued appearances and active involvement with her website indicate that her journey is far from finished.

Does facial yoga really work?

Like the Sharks, you might have reservations about facial yoga's efficacy. However, there is valuable research available on why you should start doing face yoga. A 2018 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that face yoga can enhance the fullness of the upper and lower cheeks. This five-month-long study involved participants who engaged in 30-minute daily or alternate-day face yoga sessions, resulting in noticeable improvements in up to 18 facial features.

During her "Shark Tank" pitch, Hayashi explained that facial yoga activates sleeping muscles to lift the face while relaxing overworked muscles to reduce wrinkles. The exercises can be performed conveniently anywhere, whether you're at your desk, driving, or even about to eat. The best part is that the routines are flexible, allowing you to allocate as little as five or as much as 30 minutes per day to them, depending on how quickly you wish to observe results.

Hayashi also mentioned that she had another successful business in the cosmetics industry, generating annual sales of half a million dollars. However, her passion for face yoga and the potential for new ventures were her primary motivators. Ultimately, the judges advised her to focus on her more profitable business. And it seems like in the time since that's exactly what she did.