Barbiecore Is On A Whole New Level With Barbie Sole Tattoos

Barbiecore is now a permanent trend, thanks to Barbie sole tattoos. Vintage 1960s Barbies have inspired the body art. These dolls had the word "Japan" stamped underneath the right foot. Of course, it was not a design, merely a marker for where the toy was manufactured, but every inch of Barbie sparks fire in the fashion and beauty world. So along with pink, glitter, and heels, you can add foot tattoos to the Barbiecore aesthetic. However, Mattel's Barbara Millicent Roberts — aka Barbie — was not the first toy that influenced sole tattoos.

Disney's beloved "Toy Story" had fans getting the name "Andy" inked under their foot, even with the backward "N" that mimicked a child's writing. All the toys in that franchise had the name etched onto their feet as a symbol of the kid that loved them. Now Barbie is bringing the hidden ink back to the spotlight, with no inverted letters required.

The most popular Barbie sole tattoo

The most popular Barbie tattoo taking over Instagram is the "Made in [insert country]" sole pieces. They match the doll's "Japan" stamp the closest while still having a personalized touch. Model and actress Cara Delevingne embraced the style with her "Made in England" art, although it stands for more than just Barbie. In an interview with The Guardian, Delevingne revealed that as a model, "You're looked through, you're not looked at, you are treated as a kind of mannequin. I got a tattoo saying 'Made in England' above my foot to represent that, that I felt like a doll for so long."

Barbie fans, beware that getting the bottom of your foot tattooed takes guts. The area is a thin layer of skin riddled with nerve endings. In other words, it is going to hurt. The healing process won't be easy either unless you plan to spend the next few weeks on bed rest or walking on your hands.

Apart from the pain, foot tats tend to fade quicker than other areas because of the constant friction. Keeping your Barbie sole tattoo crisp and clean will require more maintenance than other tats might. However, you can still enjoy a Barbie-inspired tattoo without hammering at the bottom of your trotters.

More Barbiecore body art

If you really want to pay homage to the infamous doll, why not get a tattoo that says Barbie? Nicki Minaj did. The rapper, who embodies the feminine persona, even calling her fans Barbz, got the name inked on her wrist in the trademark pink. Coi Leray, another top-charting artist, also embraced the Barbie fever with a pink silhouette of the doll's head.

Those two designs were featured on TikTok star @r.ebekxh's Barbie tattoo ideas video. The content creator, who dedicated her entire page to body art inspiration, also recommended lips and a ball gown. Professional Doodler, @devthepineapple, had more fun ideas than the traditional looks, including an old-school telephone, inline rollerskates, heart-shaped sunglasses, a diamond, a stereo, a top-down four-door, and high heels.

Any of these designs would make a Barbie-approved tat. Unlike the bottom of your foot, the outer collarbone, inner arm, and back are the best places for ink. Whether it's Barbie's face or her iconic DreamHouse, just remember the right aftercare will keep your tattoo looking fresh.