B&B's Lawrence Saint-Victor Justifies Carter Reducing His Love For Quinn (But We Don't Buy It)

The steamy relationship between Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) on "The Bold and the Beautiful" ended far too soon. The romance had a lot left in the tank before the abrupt departure of Sofer from the soap. It's unlikely Sofer will ever return to "B&B," so there wasn't a great deal of closure with the "Quarter" relationship. It was hot and heavy, but once Quinn dropped off the canvas, she was rarely mentioned again. 

Since his split from Quinn, Carter's been romancing Katie Logan (Heather Tom), dodging her ex-husband, Bill Spencer's advances (Don Diamont) in the process. However, a recent development between Carter and Katie felt a lot like rewriting history with Carter claiming his relationship with Quinn was solely about sex. Saint-Victor himself has entered the conversation offering up his thoughts, telling "Bold Live," "This is Carter's rationale. Carter risked everything to be with Quinn. He risked his reputation with Ridge, his job in the company because he believed in that love. And then she left him. And her leaving him made him think, 'If she could just leave me, then maybe it wasn't the love I thought it was.' It couldn't be!'"

It's nice to hear him chime in to come to the defense of his character, but his relationship with Quinn was far from lust driven. Carter has a documented history of all of his relationships moving too quickly, and that's what happened with Quinn and what's happening with Katie. 

Carter is lying about his feelings with Quinn to protect his heart

Lawrence Saint-Victor's comments in defense of Carter Walton on "The Bold and the Beautiful" are baffling. Saying his relationship with Quinn was only about sex is what Carter needs to tell himself to heal. His heart has been crushed by several failed romances. First, it was Maya Avant (Karla Mosely) choosing Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) over him. After he moved on, Carter and Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) never married because of his affair with Quinn Fuller. He also tried to quickly marry Zoe's sister, Paris Buckingham (Diamond White), but Quinn stopped it. These are horrendous decisions fueled by a need to have true love. Quinn was no different. 

Carter wants marriage and forever love, so he needs to protect himself from further pain. Also, with Bill Spencer always lurking in the background to reclaim Katie Logan, Carter's willing to do anything to lock down Katie as quickly as possible. It's difficult to buy what Carter's selling about his failed coupling with Quinn. With the sudden nature of Quinn leaving Los Angeles, something needed to be said. 

Looking at Carter as a whole, all he wants is whatever everyone else has — true love. He wants the destiny type of romance that his best friend Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) has with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). Reducing his romance with Quinn to just sex and shutting down his feelings is the only way he can move forward.