Sister Wives' Kody Brown Treated His Sons Better Than His Daughters, According To Gwendlyn

Daughter of "Sister Wives" stars Christine and Kody Brown, Gwendlyn, posted her first YouTube video about six months ago. Since then, she's been reviewing episodes of "Sister Wives" and giving intimate insight into the Brown family's relationships and dynamics. She doesn't hold back with her critiques. She often voices where harm has been done, and regularly shares stories of what happened between family members — good and bad. In these episodes, she also invites us inside her life. "And what I'm kind of doing is watching the episodes and recounting how I felt in that time and my experience as somebody who's not really part of a FLDS community anymore, especially as somebody who's kind of on the entire other spectrum from that, being queer and autistic and not being married to a man with multiple other wives," she said in one of her videos, via ET.

In a video she posted earlier this year, she revealed how gender impacted how her father treated her and her siblings.

Unequal treatment

Towards the end of her review of "Sister Wives" Season 17, Episode 14, Gwendlyn Brown notes how her brothers received poor treatment from her father in the episode. While that kind of treatment was new to them, it's something she and her sisters have experienced their whole lives. "I keep seeing my brothers being like, 'Our dad's not this great person and we have this terrible relationship with him,'" she said on her YouTube channel. "It's really weird to see because, growing up, I think that the women genuinely did not have it as good as the boys had it, and now the boys are suddenly being treated like the women have been treated." 

She went on to give an example of how her half-brother Gabriel, whose nickname is Gabe and is only four days older than Gwendlyn, had a better relationship with her father than her, and how it's now strained because of the way her father has been treating him — which she claims is how her father's always treated her. "And now Gabe and the other boys are seeing what it's like to not be preferred by your father," she continued. "And it feels like they're just catching up so quickly, and that's why they're completely separated. It's weird to me because I'm used to this and this is new for them. So that's very exciting, in a bad way." In addition to treating the girls poorly, Kody Brown doesn't split time with his kids evenly, according Paedon Brown, Gwendlyn's brother.

Strained relationships

Gwendlyn tends to speak affectionately about her siblings, brothers included, despite the preferential treatment they've received. The exception to this is her brother Paedon Brown, who admitted that he once hit his sister. The two are currently in a feud.

As for her relationship with her father, it's difficult. In December 2022, Gwendlyn Brown and Kody Brown still had a relationship, however strained it was. She explained that if she reached out to him, he would respond, but he wasn't necessarily reaching out to her. "I think that he is getting better, and with time, he will get better," she said on YouTube, via ET.

Since then, however, it appears contact has been minimal. Gwendlyn invited him and his remaining wife Robyn to her engagement party, but she never heard back from them. The party came and went without a word from them. "It seems they decided they don't want to see me," Gwendlyn said via ET. "It hurts my feelings obviously, but if I'm not a safe person for them, then I'm not a safe person for them."