Sister Wives' Paedon Brown Says Father Kody Doesn't Split Time Evenly With His Kids

Fans of the hit TV show, "Sister Wives," know how the polygamist family has broken apart in recent years with three of Kody Brown's four wives leaving him. Christine Brown shared that she had left Kody in November 2021. Janelle Brown separated from their shared husband soon afterward. Even Kody's first wife, Meri Brown, finally had to admit her marriage was over after watching Kody acknowledging on "Sister Wives: One on One" that he wouldn't care if she left. 

"If she wanted to move on and marry another, she wouldn't get an argument with me," he said at the time (via People). Meri noted, "He just made the decision. I've never heard him say that to me." Sadly, they aren't the only family members feeling slighted by Kody. Since most of the kids are now adults, many have spoken out about how they have endured hurtful moments with their father. 

Paedon, Christine's son with Kody, opened up on a podcast about how he feels the kids didn't get fair treatment.

Paedon Brown says the time spent with Kody was not equal

Kody Brown's son, Paedon Brown, appeared on the podcast, "Reality Life with Kate Casey," and was asked how his dad managed to split his time with so many children. "He mainly tried to focus on the younger kids," Paedon replied, "When there's another one born. I don't want to say, favorite is the wrong word, but favorite is the best example I can give."

The idea of Kody not spending equal time with his wives has persisted for years, with many of them feeling he spent more time at his fourth wife, Robyn Brown's, house above all else — and long-time viewers agreed. This only worsened when COVID hit and Kody spent even more time there after claiming that his other wives and their children weren't following his own personal COVID rules. 

Kody went as far as to tell Janelle Brown that the sons they shared should move out of her house so he could visit her and stay safe, per Entertainment Tonight. Janelle stayed firm that that wasn't going to happen, hilariously reasoning, "Dude, you're not even on the lease." Besides the unequal time with Kody and the pandemic restrictions, Paedon has more issues with his father.

Paedon Brown still has issues with Kody as an adult

Paedon Brown did a three-hour-long exclusive interview with John Yates on his YouTube, where he delved further into the problems between him and his father, Kody Brown. According to Paedon, Kody tried to get TLC, the network that airs "Sister Wives," to put a clause in the children's contracts stating that they would not be allowed to speak out against him in a public situation, including social media.

Ironically, many of Kody's kids are choosing to utilize their accounts to fight back against him. According to Paedon, "Apparently he was trying to convince the ... high-ups at TLC ... trying to put it in our contracts that we are not allowed to say anything negative about him on our platforms." He continued, "He's fighting with [my] mom about it because mom is saying, 'You can't control our children that way.'"

Paedon confirmed that the network rejected Kody's plea and his mom, Christine Brown, also told Kody that it wasn't right, arguing: "My mom was like, 'No, you're not allowed to tell our children what they can and can't say about you. You have to earn their love back.'"