All Of Kody Brown's Kids And What Their Lives Are Like Today

When reality television watchers think of polygamy, they likely automatically think of the Brown family from TLC's "Sister Wives," who brought their lifestyle to the public eye in 2010 in an attempt to cast a more positive light on it. When the series began, it followed the trials and tribulations of Kody Brown, his three wives Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown, and the fourth woman he was courting, Robyn Brown.

Since the show's debut, the family has certainly undergone change. They uprooted their lives after going public, leaving Utah and starting fresh in Las Vegas before eventually moving to Flagstaff, Arizona, in 2018. They experienced divorce, remarriage, new children, and the eventual separation of the entire family after Kody's marriages to his first three wives fell apart. They also faced numerous social issues from their own unconventional lifestyle, and experienced new challenges to conservative views through their children as they grew and largely seemed to shun the idea of plural marriage themselves. 

Fans watched the Brown kids grow up during the show, and these days, nearly all are adults in their own right and have started their own new lives and adventures. Read on to find out what all 18 of Kody Brown's kids are up to now.

Logan Brown lives in Las Vegas and got married in 2022

Born in 1994, Logan Brown is Kody Brown and Janelle Brown's firstborn. As the eldest child in the family, he was the one his siblings often looked up to, but when the family uprooted to Flagstaff in 2018, he stayed behind in Las Vegas.

Of course, Logan had good reasons for staying in Nevada, as he was still enrolled in school there at the time. He went on to earn a Master's degree in business administration at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. According to his Linkedin page, Logan now works as the Manager of Corporate Development at StartUpNV, a position he began in June 2023. He previously worked as a Community Development Manager & Dataflow Coordinator there.

Always one to stray away from the spotlight, he has continued to do so, sticking to his more traditional work life and keeping social media channels like Instagram private. However, fans did learn that he had married his longtime girlfriend Michelle Petty in 2022, and his mother shared photos from the event to her own Instagram account.

Aspyn Brown bought a home in Utah in 2023

Aspyn Brown is the oldest daughter of Christine Brown and Kody Brown. Aspyn was born in 1995 and grew up on the show with the rest of her siblings. As fans know, she had a fairytale wedding with her love, Mitch Thompson, in 2018.

After that, Aspyn and Mitch settled into life in Utah, and they have enjoyed their lives together, which includes traveling abroad. They saw Aspyn's mother return to the state following her split from Kody in November 2021, expanding their circle as a result. Now, with Christine settling down with her new fiancé David Woolley, Aspyn and Mitch also seem to be taking steps to settle down even further.

According to the U.S. Sun, the couple purchased their own home in Midvale, Utah, in December 2022. The property, which cost them $445,000, was located 20 minutes away from Christine's home, a $1 million duplex she purchased after she left her 25-year marriage. 

Leon Brown has distanced themself from most of the family

Leon Brown, who was born to Kody Brown and Meri Brown in July 1995, is the only child the former couple shares. Leon's story was followed closely on the show, especially after coming out initially as gay in 2017. Their relationship with Audrey Kriss, to whom they have been engaged since 2019, was also followed on the series, as the pair navigated introducing their relationship to the family, moving to Chicago, and planning their wedding before the COVID-19 pandemic postponed their plans.

In June 2022, Leon took to their Instagram to announce that they are trans and use they/them pronouns. The announcement came roughly six months after Kriss also came out as trans and announced they/them pronouns as well. The couple has been happily living their authentic lives since, but it doesn't seem as though Leon's truth was widely accepted by all members of the Brown family. In a February 2023 YouTube video, Gwendlyn Brown shared that Leon was giving themselves space from the family for the benefit of their emotional well-being.

"[Leon has] just been separating themselves from the situation and been sticking to people that are more safe for them," Gwendlyn said. "It's not that they're not fitting in. It's that they have chosen to go to people who they can trust, and it's just they found a safer community for themselves."

Madison Brown is a mom of three

Madison Brown was born to Kody Brown and Janelle Brown in November 1995, and was the first of the Brown kids to marry. She wed Caleb Brush in 2016. The couple, who live in North Carolina, welcomed their first child, Axel, in 2017, followed by Evangalynn in 2019. The birth of Evangalynn, aka Evie, was chronicled on the show. Maddie shared that her daughter was diagnosed with FATCO Syndrome, and at birth, she was missing three fingers, a toe, and her fibula.

Since then, Maddie has become an advocate for limb difference awareness, though she has been forced to defend decisions she has made for her daughter from critics, including a foot amputation in 2020. On Instagram, she noted that it was a decision she and her husband made because it became medically necessary, as there was no other way to save the limb, and the way her bones were growing meant she may not even qualify for an alternative treatment which would require four separate surgical procedures and could still end with an amputation anyway.

The couple went on to have a third baby, a daughter Josephine, who was born in February 2023.

Mykelti Brown is also a mother of three

Mykelti Born was the second child between Kody Brown and Christine Brown, and was born in June 1996. When she wed Tony Padron in 2016 she became the second child in the Brown family to marry. The two went on to live in Utah as they started their lives together.

After they tied the knot, the couple waited a few years to start their family, which now includes three children. They first welcomed a daughter, Avalon Asa, in April 2021. They announced they were expecting again in June 2022, when they shared Mykelti was pregnant with twins. Their sons, Archer Banks and Ace McCord, were born in November 2022. Outside of raising her children, Mykelti went on to open Mykelti's Whimsical Boutique, an online apparel retailer where she sells LuLaRoe products.

Though she hadn't lived at home with her family in several years, Mykelti has weighed in on whether or not her dad would take on another wife following the dissolution of his three spiritual marriages. In a 2023 Patreon video (via People), she said that because the family wasn't as active in the church anymore, it seemed unlikely to her that he would consider other spiritual unions. Her husband also weighed in, stating that he was "pretty 100% certain that's a no."

Hunter Brown joined the Air Force, while Garrison and Paedon Brown joined the National Guard

Hunter Brown, who was born in 1997 to Kody Brown and Janelle Brown, as well as their son Robert "Garrison" Brown, who was born in 1998, headed to the military after high school. Hunter opted for the Air Force, graduating from the academy in 2020. Garrison, meanwhile, opted for the National Guard.

Beyond that, the two have been enjoying other aspects of their lives. Hunter has frequently posted pictures to Instagram as he embarks on adventures with his girlfriend, Audrey Hubert, while Garrison has shared photos showcasing travel adventures he's embarked on. According to The Sun, he also purchased his own $336,000 home in Flagstaff in 2022. The property features four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The two aren't the only ones to also seek careers in the Armed Forces. Like Garrison, Kody and Christine Brown's kid Paedon Brown, who was also born in 1998, joined the National Guard. He graduated from boot camp in 2019.

Dayton Brown lives in an RV outside his mother's home

Dayton Brown was born to Robyn Brown and her ex-husband, David Jessop, in 2000. However, he officially took the Brown last name after Kody Brown divorced Meri Brown to legally marry his mother. After he and Robyn were legally married, Kody adopted Dayton and his two sisters officially.

Fans slammed Robyn and Kody following the family's move to Flagstaff after learning that the decision to uproot the family's lives and head there came after Dayton opted to go to college in the city, though the family maintained that they opted for a new life outside of Las Vegas for reasons related to safety and better climate. According to Paedon Brown, Dayton no longer lives inside his mother's home, but outside of it. It was unclear why, though Paedon did express that he hoped the accommodations were allowing his brother to grow on his own.

"For some reason, Dayton is definitely out in an RV outside of Robyn's house," he said at the time (via Yahoo!). "I really, really, really, really, really hope that she learns how to cut the umbilical cord because he is an incredible guy."

Gabriel and Gwendlyn Brown have taken different approaches to public life

Gabriel Brown was born to Janelle Brown and Kody Brown in January 2001 and has mostly stayed under the radar and off social media as an adult. Fans notably watched in later seasons of the show as his relationship with Kody became strained over differing approaches to COVID-19 protocols. It's unclear where the relationship stands today, though Kody did offer up an apology to both him and Garrison, the subjects of his ire during the pandemic, in the Season 17 one-on-one special, which aired in January 2023 (via Today).

Gwendlyn Brown, who was also born in 2001, to Kody and Christine Brown, has lived a much more public lifestyle and is often one to conduct interviews and answer fan questions on social media when it comes to her family's current relationships and where things stand. She has shared several bits of information with fans on social media and Youtube as well, sometimes in reaction to episodes of the show, but also to shut down false reports. 

In addition, Gwendlyn has also shared that she doesn't identify as straight and officially came out as bisexual in 2021. She revealed she was engaged to her girlfriend, Beatriz Quieroz, in December 2022. A wedding plan has not yet been announced. 

Aurora Brown was the subject of vicious rumors

Aurora Brown is Robyn Brown's second child with her ex-husband, David Jessop, and was born in 2002. Like her brother, Dayton, she was adopted by Kody Brown in 2015 after he legally married their mother.

Aurora's life is mainly private, and she tends to stay away from the limelight despite growing up on the family's reality show. However, she also became the subject of vicious gossip after Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown all left their marriages. Rumor had it she was allegedly photographed "making out" with her adoptive father, and as speculation swirled about an alleged relationship between the two, Gwendlyn Brown quickly shut it down in a YouTube recap. 

"No, my father does not kiss his children like that. Obviously, as kids we give him a little smooch because we're children, but no, not at all," she said. "I'm so sorry you were tricked into thinking that. That's horrifying."

Ysabel Brown is in college and isn't close to her father

Ysabel Brown is the fifth child Kody Brown and Christine Brown share, and was born in March 2003. On the show, Ysabel shared her experiences with scoliosis, and things culminated in her undergoing spinal surgery in 2020. She has since gone on to live a more comfortable and pain-free life.

Afer that, Ysabel went off to college, initially choosing to move to North Carolina, where she moved in with her sister Madison. However, she has since headed back west: According to her Instagram bio, she now attends school at the University of Utah. As for her relationships with the rest of her family, Ysabel admitted in 2022 that she wasn't as close to her father these days, and she was definitely closer to her mother. The admission came during a confessional interview for an episode of the show when she admitted that leaving for school was going to be harder when it came to missing her mom over her dad.

"I'm gonna miss my mom more than I'm gonna miss him, I think — because I don't actually think we're close at all. But I mean, he's still my dad," she said in the episode (via Today).

Breanna and Savanah Brown are both high school graduates

Breanna Brown, Robyn Brown's younger daughter who was adopted by Kody Brown in 2015, has mainly stayed under the radar when it comes to what she does following her high school graduation in 2022. The occasion was marked at the time by Meri Brown, who posted a loving tribute to her on Instagram, where she called her a "sweet soul" and shared she was grateful for the young girl's role in her life.

Meanwhile, Savannah Brown, the youngest child that Kody and Janelle Brown share, graduated high school in May 2023. It's unclear what her plans for the future entail, though her ceremony marked the first public reunion of her parents following the announcement in 2022 that Janelle had left her spiritual marriage. 

Both her parents, as well as three of her siblings, featured in photos she shared from the event on Instagram, with a humorous caption calling it "anticlimactic."

Truely Brown lives with her mother Christine following her split from Kody

Truely Brown, Christine Brown and Kody Brown's youngest child, was born in 2010. She is one of the few young kids left in the family, but she no longer lives near her other younger siblings. Following Christine and Kody's split, Christine moved back to Utah and Truely went with her. The other young children stayed behind in Flagstaff with their mom, Robyn Brown. Truely seems to be enjoying life in Utah with her mother.

On the show, fans watched as Christine and Kody tried to keep the news of their split from Truely, waiting until after they'd told the other members of the family. Truely later shared she was not happy about the way this played out. "So, the first day when I found out, I was extremely upset, but I'm fine now. I just had to realize for a day that not everything was going to change," she said on the show. "It was a bit of a heartbreak at first, but I'm fine now."

Solomon and Ariella Brown are still young children

Though Kody Brown did adopt Robyn Brown's three children from her previous marriage, the couple also shared two biological children of their own. Their older child, Solomon Brown, was born in 2011, while their younger one, Ariella Brown, was born in 2016, not long after Kody and Robyn legally married.

Because they are young children, neither one has social media accounts, though they are periodically the subjects of updates when it comes to things shared by their families. However, the most fans see them is when they do appear on the show, as they remain out of the public eye otherwise. Of course, while they don't often feature prominently, that doesn't mean they don't have their own standout moments.

Back in 2022, on an episode where Christine and Kody were sharing news about their split, Ariella seemed to have a harder time understanding why the couple was breaking up and suggested that they "have dates" to take care of any problems they were having (via Insider). This led to Christine having to explain that while Ariella's suggestion was a good idea, dates wouldn't "always fix everything."