The Cast Of The Bear And Their Real-Life Partners

Few shows can shake up TV in the way "The Bear" has in just two short seasons. From the outset, you wouldn't necessarily think a show about a Chicago restaurant would be particularly enthralling, especially for people with no culinary background. But "The Bear" quickly proved it is about much more than cooking; it is an intense look into trauma, family bonds, toxic masculinity, and how to heal and create connection through it all.

Of course, much of the show's success is due to the realistic and raw acting by the cast. Jeremy Allen White, of "Shameless" fame, perfectly encapsulates a chef on the edge of a breakdown in his portrayal of Carmy; Ayo Edebiri, who plays Sydney, is a complex and balanced foil to Carmy's palpable tenseness. After watching the show, it's only natural to wonder who these talented actors are in real life — and who they're dating. Below, we'll dive into the cast of "The Bear" and their real-life partners.

Jeremy Allen White is focusing on his career these days

It's safe to say that Jeremy Allen White has been the subject of many a thirsty tweet since "The Bear" premiered. However, until recently, White was off the market, married to actress Addison Timlin. The pair were married in 2019 and they had two children together, a daughter in 2018 and another daughter in 2020. Though they were only married a little over three years, it seems they've known each other for quite some time; in an Instagram post celebrating White's Golden Globe win, Timlin wrote, "When we were 14 years old and I saw you perform for the first time in drama class, I couldn't take my eyes off of you." Despite their shared history and what appeared to be a happy relationship, Timlin filed for divorce in May 2023.

These days, White seems to be focusing on his career and hasn't shared much about his dating life online. But, since June 2023, rumors have flown that he's seeing Selena Gomez after the two appeared together in the "Vanity Fair" Hollywood Issue. Though nothing is confirmed, rumors suggest that the pair bonded during their "Vanity Fair" cover shoot and have been casually dating ever since. Only time will tell if they're really the next "It" couple!

Ebon Moss-Bachrach met his wife at a party

Though Ebon Moss-Bachrach's character in "The Bear," Richie (aka Cousin), is pretty down on his luck in the romance department, the same can't be said for him in real life. Moss-Bachrach met his now-wife, Yelena Yemchuk, an artist and photographer, in the late 1990s. They were both at a dinner party — neither of them single at the time –and Moss-Bachrach caught Yemchuk's eye. "When I saw Ebon, I was, like, 'Oh, my God, he's cute. Who is this guy?'" Yemchuk said (via The New Yorker). "My friend was, like, 'Forget it, he has a girlfriend and he's an actor.' And I was, like, 'Ugh!' When you think of an actor as a boyfriend, that's not where you want to go. They just seem like such a pain in the a**."

Apparently, Moss-Bachrach being an actor didn't end up being a dealbreaker, because the two began dating a year and a half later. Since then, they've had two daughters, one in 2007 and one in 2010. According to his Instagram, Moss-Bachrach spends his days traveling, spending time with his family, and continuing to land exciting new film roles. And like his on-screen counterpart, Moss-Bachrach has some culinary talent: according to Yemchuk, "He has a real gift [for cooking]."

Abby Elliott prefers to keep things private with Bill Kennedy

On "The Bear," Abby Elliott plays Natalie, Carmy's sister, who has a big role in the second season. On the show, her character is sensible, level-headed, and empathetic — with a sharp, dry humor that's a signature of many of the main characters on "The Bear" — and it seems like Elliott shares these characteristics IRL.

Elliott is known for her work on Saturday Night Live, where she was a cast member from 2008 to 2012. She's also been in several movies and TV shows, including "No Strings Attached" and "Sex Ed." Elliott has been married since 2016 to screenwriter and producer Bill Kennedy, and it seems like they have a loving and supportive relationship. Though they keep their relationship pretty private, we do know that they share two children together. In an Instagram post from June 2023, Elliott posted a series of photos of her husband with their children, captioning the post: "Happy Father's Day to this amazing dad ... we love you more than anything." Kennedy's IG is private, but we're guessing he also has several posts gushing about how much he loves his wife.

Matty Matheson married his high school sweetheart

Matty Matheson, the self-described "fat, sweaty dude covered in tattoos" (as he told The New York Times), plays the lovable and quirky Neil on "The Bear." And though Matheson doesn't do any cooking on the show, he is a renowned cook in real life, owning multiple restaurants as well as penning cookbooks and creating a clothing line.

He's also, it appears, a romantic: he's been with his high school sweetheart, Trish Spencer, for over two decades. The pair married in 2014 and share three children together. In August 2022, Matheson posted a sweet picture of himself and Spencer on Instagram on what appears to be their wedding day, captioning the photo, "You are the one always have been always will be! Life ain't a straight line but you were always by my side! We've been together more years than not now by a couple years and I can not wait to spend every day with you forever! The love I feel for you makes me proud of us the work and commitment all the ups and downs always more good than bads and our family is so sick." We love to see it!

Liza Colón-Zayas is married to fellow actor David Zayas

Liza Colón-Zayas, who plays bossy, determined, firecracker line cook Tina in "The Bear," is married to a fellow beloved actor: "Dexter" star David Zayas. The two married in 1998 and have a son and daughter together. Currently, they live in New York City, and it looks like Colón-Zayas is a cook at home as much as she is on "The Bear." According to The Wall Street Journal, she frequently makes meals reminiscent of her Puerto Rican heritage; she can't live without her "big, heavy, aluminum ollas, the old-school kind my abuela had." She added that she loves these pots so much that she has shipped them to the various places she's worked at. "If I make rice in other things I'm filled with terror," she shared.

Although she and her husband keep their relationship relatively private, Colón-Zayas shared a cute snippet about their life together that is adorable (and relatable): "I love watching shows with David," she told The New York Times, adding that he does "hilarious commentary" while they're watching their shows.

Oliver Platt has been with his wife for over thirty years

Oliver Platt, who plays Uncle Jimmy on "The Bear," married his wife Mary Camilla Campbell in 1992. Although Platt appears to be a relatively small character in the show, in many ways, his character is the backbone of the story. So, who is Platt in real life?

The Canadian actor has had a successful career and may be best known for his role on "Chicago Med." In 1992, Platt married Mary Camilla Bonsal Campbell, and the two are still married today and have three adult children. Little is known about Mary or their relationship, but the fact that they've been together for over thirty years suggests they have a strong and loving relationship. Platt has also made it clear that he is a devoted father. He told Tufts Now that he stopped doing theater and switched to movies and TV because it allowed him to be more present in his kids' lives. This is especially important to him since he moved around a lot as a child. "The impact of moving us around so much was tough to get adjusted to. I knew I didn't want to put my kids through that," he said.

Molly Gordon keeps everyone guessing

In season two, Molly Gordon joins "The Bear" as Claire, Carmy's love interest. Putting aside the fact that Carmy is far too stressed, neurotic, and work-addicted to be in a relationship, we love their chemistry and potential love story. But who is the actress in real life?

Gordon is new to "The Bear," but not new to our screens. You may recognize her from movies like "Booksmart," "Shiva Baby," or "Ithaca." When it comes to Gordon's personal life, she has been linked with Nick Lieberman, who she worked with on "Theater Camp," but a relationship between the two has not been confirmed. Though she may or may not be involved with Lieberman, the two have a shared history dating back at least a decade; in 2014, Lieberman posted a photo of Gordon on his Instagram. In 2019, a photo of the two was widely circulated with the caption "Molly Gordon's partner" – Biography Tribune states that "She is currently in a long-term relationship with Nick Lieberman." Signs point to a relationship between these two, but it's impossible to say for sure!

Ayo Edebiri and Lionel Boyce are keeping their romantic lives private

On the first season of "The Bear," Sydney (Ayo Edebiri) and Marcus (Lionel Boyce) bonded, leading viewers to wonder if they may turn into an onscreen couple. When Boyce was asked by Extra TV if he and Edebiri's character would be romantically involved in future seasons, he said coyly, "I could give you the answer or you could just watch Season Two." That coy answer tracks well with Boyce's IRL relationships too — in other words, if he's dating someone, the relationship isn't something he's willing to share publicly. On his Instagram, he mostly posts about his career with a few snippets about his personal life.

As for Ayo Edebiri, her romantic life is also kept private. Despite some "Bear" fans "shipping" Ayo's character with the main character of the show, Carmy (played by Jeremy Allen White), those two seem to be firmly platonic — on and off screen. From what we can see from her Instagram, Edebiri is focused on traveling, having fun, and continuing to build her career. You go, girl!

Jose M. Cervantes, Corey Hendrix, and Richard Esteras are family men

Part of what makes "The Bear" such a good show is that even the smaller characters –- like Angel (Jose M. Cervantes), Gary (Corey Hendrix), and Manny (Richard Esteras) –- still have their own quirks and distinct personalities. But who are these supporting characters in real life?

When it comes to relationship status, they all appear to be single — or just keeping their love lives private. Cervantes is a proud dog dad; according to his Instagram, his pup, Malcolm, turned 11 in 2023! Hendrix mostly shares promotional content for his current roles, but he also appears to be a dedicated father, sharing an Instagram picture of himself and his son at the Art Institute of Chicago with the caption, "Me and My Boy!!!" As for Esteras, he also seems to place a large focus on family: many posts on his Instagram are dedicated to celebrating birthdays and graduations for his daughter and grandchildren.