What John Travolta And Kelly Preston's Daughter Looks Like Now

John Travolta and Kelly Preston were the proud parents to three children, but they only had one daughter, Ella. She is their second child — their first-born, Jett, died in a tragic accident in 2009 — and has been just as much their pride and joy. Ella Travolta shares an incredibly close bond with her father and has praised him for being an incredible role model and dad. She likely also leans on him more now that he is her only parent following her mother's untimely passing in 2020.

Being the child of two big stars meant the media and the public have always taken an interest in Ella. "Obviously, growing up with that automatic sort of spotlight all the time of having all eyes on you or your family definitely has its difficulties for sure," she said in an interview with Fox News Digital. And while she may not have always appreciated the attention, now that she's an adult, she's embracing life in the limelight. So, who is Ella Travolta and what should you know about this gorgeous young woman? Let's find out.

She has wanted to be a performer since she was little

Ella Travolta is the gorgeous daughter of actors John Travolta and Kelly Preston. Was it only a matter of time before she, too, embraced life in the limelight? It seems so.

"Ever since I was little, I've really loved singing and performing — whether it was acting, dancing, singing," Ella told People. It's no secret Preston and Travolta enjoyed impressive careers, and their connections have likely made it easier for their daughter to join the business. But drive and ambition? Well, that's all up to her.

"About two years ago at the beginning of the pandemic, I was like, 'Oh, I have some ideas for songs that I've just recorded as voice memos. ... So I started completing those songs and writing them," she revealed to the publication. And with that, her music career was born.

In the same interview with People magazine, Ella commented on her dad's reaction to her decision to venture into music, saying, "He's really proud, which makes me very happy. He really likes the style of music as well. He enjoys listening to it, and he will show everyone."

Ella Travolta turned her passion for music into a career

After turning voice memosinto bona fide music, Ella Travolta released the emotional tracks "Dizzy" and "No Thank You" and, as of this writing, is working on an EP.

As a child, Ella Travolta didn't immediately understand her father's star power. "Since I was so young, I probably didn't put two and two together," she admitted in a 2023 interview with Today. "But just growing up with that and always being around him singing and dancing and my other family as well doing all of that really inspired my love for the arts."

While she is passionate about music, she also has a love of acting. "I think career-wise, I'm really trying to focus on acting and singing and really trying to do them both at the same time as much as I can and fit them into each other because they can easily go hand in hand sometimes, if you're doing a soundtrack or a movie," she told Fox News Digital.

Ella and John Travolta have acted alongside each other

Ella Travola began acting in 2009, when she starred as Emily in "Old Dogs," which starred her father and the late Robin Williams. Ten years later, Ella would get the opportunity to work with her dad again, this time as Becky Hunt in "The Poison Rose."

Much to everyone's delight, the father-daughter duo collaborated once again in 2021 for Scots & Miracle-Gro's Super Bowl commercial. Their sweet performance saw them create an iconic dance from "Grease," and John Travolta was happy to speak about the moment in an interview with Esquire Mexico. "It was magical; there's no one else in the world I'd rather dance with than my daughter, Ella," he said. "It worked on so many levels! First, as a unique moment of entertainment that people loved seeing. Secondly, it allowed me to introduce my daughter to the world on a huge stage, showing off her talent and beauty."

Both Ella and John were proud of the commercial, and Ella even shared a screenshot from the video on Instagram. She also commented on how they had reached No. 1 on Yahoo's top searches because of their collaboration. It was an impressive feat, and fans eagerly await the announcement of the next project Ella and her father will work on together because their last was so memorable. 

She had a close relationship with her mom, Kelly Preston

Ella Travolta's family was struck by tragedy when Kelly Preston died in July 2020 following her breast cancer diagnosis. "On the morning of July 12, 2020, Kelly Preston, adored wife and mother, passed away following a two-year battle with breast cancer," a representative told People at the time.

The family values their privacy and did not publicly share Preston's health struggles, but Ella later paid tribute to the brilliant woman she was with a post on Instagram. On July 13, 2020 (one day after Preston's death), Ella posted a photo of her mother and penned a touching tribute. "I have never met anyone as courageous, strong, beautiful and loving as you," she wrote. "Anyone who is lucky enough to have known you or to have ever been in your presence will agree that you have a glow and a light that never ceases to shine and that makes anyone around you feel instantly happy. Thank you for being there for me no matter what." 

In 2023, Ella celebrated Preston on Mother's Day with another Instagram post. In wishing Preston a Happy Mother's Day, she commented that she was the "most wonderful, funny, kind, caring, beautiful, and brilliant mom a girl could ask for."

She has praised dad John Travolta for being a role model

Ella Travolta had a beautiful relationship with her mother but has also praised her father, John Travolta, for being an incredible dad. On Father's Day in June 2023, she shared a photo of herself, her younger brother Benjamin, and the "Pulp Fiction" actor on Instagram and accompanied it with a beautiful caption. "Happy Father's Day, Daddy. Thank you for being the best father and for all of the love and light you bring to the world. I love you to the moon and back," she wrote.

This is not the first time Ella has spoken about her dad with kindness and affection. For his birthday on February 18, his loving daughter shared a photo of the two of them and commented on how it had been the "the birthday of my hero." She continued, "The most incredible father, friend, and role model anyone could ask for. I love you, Daddy."

Ella is especially thankful to have her father to help her overcome any issues she may experience in the entertainment industry. "Really any problem I'm going through, at least he's sort of had that or been through that and is able to shed some light on at least what he would have maybe done or what he ended up doing in that scenario that worked for him," she told Fox News Digital.

She modeled at New York Fashion Week

Ella Travolta seems to be good at just about everything. She has shared her passions with Fox News Digital, saying, "I really love the arts in general. I love singing, acting, writing music, playing instruments, painting, dancing, all of that." But what fans may not realize is she's also interested in fashion. And one of her big breakout moments happened in 2022 when she walked the runway for Karl Lagerfeld's Cara Loves Karl capsule collection during New York Fashion Week.

Ella also looked gorgeous when she attended the Kate Spade show during Fashion Week. "Thank you [Kate Spade] for having me! What an honor to attend this event and see your wonderful collection!" Ella wrote on Instagram. "Could not have asked for a better way to start my first Fashion Week." John Travolta commented on the post, writing, "Very proud of you. Love Dad." Cute, right?

Ella has been a part of the Silk Nextmilk campaign

Ella Travolta's career is just starting, but one of her most notable projects has been with Silk Nextmilk, a plant-based alternative to dairy milk. What makes this such a standout campaign is that Ella's mother, the late Kelly Preston, was part of the "Got Milk?" campaign in the '90s, and now her daughter is sporting the same milky mustache (well, with a twist because this one is made from plants). Other famous faces to take part in the adverts include Sailor Brinkley, Brooklyn Beckham, and Myles O'Neal, whose parents were also previously a part of the "Got Milk?" campaign. 

As for what inspired Ella to be a part of these advertisements? She shared with People magazine in a 2023 interview that she uses plant-based products regularly as part of her diet. "I always liked [baking] more than cooking. Then once I went plant-based, I was like, okay, there's so many cool recipes that you can make that are delicious," she said. "I keep finding new recipes and trying them out — I enjoy it a lot."

Ella is proud of her partnership with the brand and has posted several images on social media in honor of it. This has included a caption asking fans what they think of her 'stache.

She's never too old for a trip to Disney World

Are you ever too old for a trip to one of the happiest places in the world? Ella Travolta may be in her 20s now but she had a getaway with her father and younger brother to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, for her birthday in 2023. The actor shared a short clip showing highlights of their trip on his Instagram page. He captioned it with a sweet comment: "Here's a song for you on your birthday, my dearest Ella! I love you with all my heart!! Your Dad!!" As for the song? It was "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Henry Mancini and His Orchestra and Chorus.

Ella appears humble and down-to-earth despite being the child of two big stars. Still, her comments about her childhood suggest she had a very normal experience, which included being able to have fun. "I remember singing along to 'Grease' with my friends growing up," she recalled in an interview with Hollywood Life.

Ella is single

Ella Travolta has released music suggesting she is emotionally sensitive. However, unlike some other young stars, you won't find a long list of her previous romantic partners. Something fascinating we learned about her from her 2023 interview with People magazine was her inexperience with relationships.

"I had never actually been in a relationship or anything, but I had watched other people be in relationships or experienced some form of love," she told the publication, despite having named her EP "The Colors of Love." She also commented on how her musical inspiration drew inspiration from her own life but "also from friends and family and just watching other people as well." Will her music sound different after she's had a romantic relationship to draw inspiration from? Only time will tell.

Despite not having a relationship of her own, Ella is excited to celebrate the love of her good friend Jade Faber. She revealed on social media she would play a special role in her friend's wedding. She will be the maid of honor and shared the news with her fans on Instagram.