Meet Ariana Grande's Husband, Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande's "Positions" album from 2020 is supposedly inspired by her now-husband, Dalton Gomez. But just who is Gomez exactly, and when did he and Grande start dating?

Gomez and Grande have been dating since January 2020. They were first spotted out together in February 2020, and sources confirmed their relationship in March of that same year. Grande herself did not make the relationship official until she and Justin Bieber released the "Stuck With U" music video two months later in May. Gomez had a romantic cameo with Grande in the video.

The couple quarantined together for a while in New York due to COVID-19, and Grande bought a house in Los Angeles to stay close to Gomez when he went back to California for his job. A source told People, "It was getting tricky for them to see each other, so she decided to take her chance. She purchased a house in the Hollywood Hills in June and never looked back. They are incredibly happy." The source also mentioned that Gomez is a private person, and that quarantining together allowed the two the privacy and peace they needed to build their relationship.

Gomez and Grande got engaged in December 2020

In December 2020, Dalton Gomez proposed to Ariana Grande with an unusual engagement ring. They couple had a small (secret) wedding at Grande's home on May 15, 2021, and the wedding was confirmed May 17. Only family and close friends were invited to the event.

Grande has worked to keep their relationship as private as possible for Gomez, despite her status as a high-profile singer. However, Gomez is no stranger to the world of fame. He is a luxury realtor and has interacted with many celebrities before. He is not the type to get starstruck, which makes him a great match for a pop star like Grande. One source told People that Gomez, " ... is low-key and doesn't like attention. He isn't impressed by celebrities. He is perfect for her."

A friend of theirs also told People, "They're a great fit together. Dalton's unfazed by the scope of her celebrity and is very grounding for her. He's young but mature and knows what he wants out of life."

Some wonder if Grande and Gomez's relationship will last

In a now-deleted post celebrating their two-year wedding anniversary in May 2023, Ariana Grande posted a wedding photo of her and Dalton Gomez on Instagram. However, some fans are speculating that things are not as smooth as they seem for the couple. There are not many photos of Grande and Gomez on her Instagram feed anymore. Also, Gomez used to have a private Instagram account, but it has now been deleted. It is possible he deleted the account because he values his privacy, but some wonder if it could also be because the couple are divorcing.

Additional speculation, this time regarding infidelity on Gomez' part, has sparked even more divorce rumors for Grande and Gomez. An anonymous blind item on the Crazy Days and Nights website from June 2023 said that a popular singer asked her husband to visit her overseas, but he declined to come, citing that, " ... he is far too busy with work." The writer of the blind item claimed that he " ... Still has time to go to clubs and meet women from online." Commenters on the blind item and TikToker @thekylemarisa assumed this post is about Grande and Gomez, as she is currently in England filming "Wicked," but there is no confirmation on the truth to these rumors.