Meet Greg Gutfeld's Wife, Elena Moussa

Greg Gutfeld is a familiar face on Fox News. Since the 2021 premiere of his show, "Gutfeld!," the political satirist's profile has been on the rise. In fact, "Gutfeld!" is said to be more popular than "The Tonight Show," per The New York Times. But what you might not know about Gutfeld is that he's married to a Russian woman named Elena Moussa.  According to The U.S. Sun, Moussa was formerly a model. While other Fox News commentators have questionable stories about meeting their wives, Gutfeld's and Moussa's meet-cute is sweet.

In 2004, Gutfeld became Maxim U.K's editor, which led him to cross paths with Moussa, then a photo editor at Maxim Russia. In 2017, Gutfeld told the Daily Beast, "I actually met her my first day on the job." He recalled, "When I saw her, I said to the editor of Maxim Russia, 'Who is this woman?' And I foolishly hit on her for three days. She was pretty cold to me, and finally I asked her out on a date." Gutfeld added, "And then she moved to London to be with me." She and Gutfeld married in 2004 and prefer to keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

Elena Moussa attended Parsons School of Design

Elena Moussa is active on Instagram, but does not post about her husband Greg Gutfeld. Instead, her page is filled with dreamy photos of her vacations, fashion, and design. This is not surprising once you learn that Moussa attended both the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Parsons School of Design, per her LinkedIn. At the latter institution, she studied fashion and apparel design. One of her projects, a collection of colorful turbans, can be found on the Parson School of Design's website. Moreover, Moussa's LinkedIn states that she is a stylist and owner of the Russian-based clothing store Moussa Project.

While the couple does not publicly share details of their relationship, Gutfeld did announce in March 2022 that he and Moussa had been personally affected by the war in Ukraine. Gutfeld revealed on Fox News's "The Five" that Moussa's mother had been stuck in war-torn Lviv.

With the help of Fox News correspondents reporting in Ukraine, Moussa's mother made it to Poland without a hitch, where Moussa was waiting for her. Their reunion was filmed, and Moussa can be heard talking about the situation, saying, "Oh my God, it was awful. It was absolutely awful, but I'm so happy to have her here" (via YouTube).

They are the proud parents of a French bulldog

Elena Moussa and Greg Gutfeld live in New York City, and they do not have children. They do, however, have a French bulldog named Gus. Their four-legged friend, whom the couple brought home in October 2022, is the star of Gutfeld's Instagram. Gutfeld's feed is almost entirely about Gus and their adventures. This includes joining Gutfeld for a meal at a restaurant and hanging out with fellow Fox News host Dana Perino.

But unlike Moussa, Gutfeld does post about his significant other from time to time. In a Mother's Day post dedicated to his mother-in-law, Gutfeld posted a photo of Moussa with her mother and wrote, "Thanks for creating the best thing in my life!" 

On Moussa's birthday in 2019, Gutfeld wrote on Instagram, "Happy birthday to [Elena Moussa] who hasn't changed a bit since we met." In another photo, Moussa is pictured with Gutfeld's sister. In the caption, Gutfeld wrote, "My sister and wife together, and no one has stabbed each other."