Everything You Need To Know About Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra is remembered as one of the most popular and gorgeous women of the 1990s and 2000s. Over the years, the star has worked as a model, recording artist, TV host, and reality star. She has even starred in several movies, appearing in spoof comedy films such as "Meet the Spartans," "Epic Movie," "Scary Movie," "Scary Movie 4," and "Date Movie." She's also made cameos on several beloved TV shows such as "Monk," "Hope & Faith," "Summerland," "90210," and "Jane the Virgin" — all of which helped increase Electra's net worth.

Electra is an Ohio native who was born Tara Leigh Patrick in 1972. She started her career as a dancer at a Kings Island amusement park in Ohio, taking part in a show called "It's Magic," which became one of the park's most popular productions. In 1991, Electra decided to try her hand at a Hollywood career and moved to Los Angeles, where she officially changed her name. She went on to model for publications like Playboy as she built her career and became one of the most recognized faces in pop culture due to her professional decisions and her dating history.

Throughout the decades, Electra's life has been interesting, to say the least, and the story of her start in Hollywood is one for the books.

Carmen Electra was discovered by iconic singer Prince

After moving to Los Angeles, Carmen Electra found herself having a great time at a local nightclub when she was approached by Robin Power. The singer went on to compliment Electra on her dance skills before revealing that she was creating a girl group and that Electra had the right look for the group. Power then invited Electra to accompany her to the home of famed singer Prince, where she had her first true Hollywood moment.

"That first time I met Prince, he was very quiet," Electra told Lapalme Magazine in 2017. "I was very shy, so there was this awkward moment of us just kind of standing in front of each other," she stated, adding that she eventually danced for Prince and she later got a recording deal. During that time, Prince asked to hear her songs and even told her that he wrote a tune for her called "Carmen on Top." When Electra reminded Prince that her name was Tara, he told her that she looked more like a Carmen, and the name eventually stuck.

The two became fast friends and Prince began to produce her projects, direct her videos, and even style her. Electra went on to release multiple albums. She and Prince even dated for a time. "He was simply one-of-a-kind," Electra recalled. "I'll always be grateful that he believed in me and took a chance on me," she said of the "Raspberry Beret" singer.

Carmen Electra appeared on one of MTV's most beloved shows

In the 1990s, MTV was the epitome of pop culture. The network shared the best music videos and even branch out into television shows, including the popular dating series "Singled Out." The show was hosted by Chris Hardwicke and his original co-host Jenny McCarthy. Later, Carmen Electra came on board the series as well. The show ran from 1995 until 1998 and helped single people blindly weed through a group of 50 potential suitors to find someone that could be their perfect match.

Over the years, Electra and McCarthy have remained close, and in July 2023, the two women reunited for an ad campaign for Kim Kardashian's brand Skims. Sporting the brand's bikinis while posing for the photos, both said they were thrilled to be working together again. "It felt like we were back in the '90s, and years later we're still having fun!" McCarthy said of the experience (via Too Fab). "Being reunited with Jenny for this Skims campaign was such a dream," Electra added. "Not only does she still look incredible, she also brought the best energy to set and was my biggest cheerleader. I'm so happy we're able to share in this iconic moment together!"

Carmen Electra wants to reprise her Baywatch character

"Baywatch" was one of the most popular shows of its time, and it also boasted a cast of young and gorgeous actors such as Yasmine Bleeth, Pamela Anderson, Jeremy Jackson, Nicole Eggert, David Hasselhoff, Kelly Packard, Jason Momoa, Donna D'Errico, and many more. So, of course, when Carmen Electra joined the cast in 1997, she was a perfect fit. "When I joined, it was the No. 1 show in the world, and I just couldn't believe it. I had to pinch myself," Electra told People Magazine in 2022.

Although it's been many years since "Baywatch" left the airwaves, Electra says that she believes the show should make a triumphant return to TV. "I think they should bring Baywatch back because it was a show that people would learn how to give CPR ... and plus, it was sexy. Come on, it was sexy. But it did have that element to it — and such a following," the actor stated.

Electra previously told Access Daily that she would be open to returning to the "Baywatch" franchise as her former character Lani. However, she would have one condition this time around: She says that she wouldn't want to film in the water as much as she previously did. Of course, fans were thrilled with Electra's willingness to return for a possible "Baywatch" reboot and would love to see her back on the beach.

Carmen Electra was previously married to NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman

As her level of fame increased, it wasn't long before Carmen Electra's personal life began to make headlines, and the "Baywatch" star stunned many when she began dating NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman. The pair had a whirlwind relationship after meeting when Rodman saw Electra's Playboy Magazine cover. "We exchanged numbers, and he would call and call and call. I wouldn't respond. Finally, one day I picked up the phone and he invited me to come hang out with him and I went for it. I went in," Electra previously told The Chicago Sun-Times. After months of dating, the pair decided to get married during a night in Vegas in 1998.

However, just nine days after tying the knot, Rodman filed for an annulment, claiming he wasn't of sound mind to get married. The pair later reconciled and were together for six more months before eventually filing for divorce. That span of time was said to be hard for Electra, who had to deal with the deaths of her mother and her sister as well.

Electra recalled that time in her life, revealing that she had to try hard to keep up with Rodman's hard-partying lifestyle. "It would start with dinner. Then we would go to the strip club, after hours, ... I was trying to keep up. I kept up for a long time. I literally felt like one of the boys trying to keep up with Dennis," she confessed. The couple finalized their divorce in April 1999, and Electra moved on.

Carmen Electra starred on a reality show with her second husband, Dave Navarro

In 2003, Carmen Electra tied the knot with rock star Dave Navarro. The couple even documented their relationship and wedding in the MTV reality series "'Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave," in which they gave fans an insider look at their relationship and their non-traditional nuptials. The show began airing in January 2004 but only lasted for seven episodes before ending in March that year. Electra and Navarro were married for three years before they filed for divorce in 2006. However, they've remained close friends since their split.

"We had this strange understanding for each other that resulted in lots of laughter, fun & and understanding! Ty 4 letting me be my true self and not judging my flaws," Electra said during an Instagram birthday tribute to Navarro in 2019. Five years prior, in 2014, the couple took to social media together to share a spicy selfie. When rumors of a romantic reunion began to surface, Electra shut them down, tweeting, "We will always be the best of friends," per Us Weekly.

Electra's life has been full of interesting projects and romantic partners, and although she's remembered as a pop culture icon of the '90s, she still has a huge fanbase today and remains active on social media to keep them all updated.