Has Donna Mills Ever Been Married? Here's What We Know About Her Partner, Larry Gilman

Donna Mills is a television icon with more than a hundred acting roles under her belt. The veteran actor was born in 1940 and started her on-screen career in the 1960s, playing a recurring character named Rocket in the CBS soap opera "The Secret Storm." She is, however, best known for her role as the enchanting housewife Abigail Fairgate in the soap opera "Knots Landing," a "Dallas" spin-off. Mills has also appeared in "General Hospital," in which she played the notoriously greedy Madeline Reeves.

While her career is impressive, Mills has been making headlines for decades because of her personal life. Controversial to many, she became a mother in her 50s and has never been married. Even so, her love life has been nothing less than interesting, as it includes a decades-long relationship with Larry Gilman, a colleague from the acting industry. The pair opted out of marrying each other for practical reasons and have never regretted their decision, and they have more than 20 years of partnership to show for it.

Larry Gilman is in the movie industry too

Donna Mills' long-term partner, Larry Gilman, is an actor and producer who's known for his roles in movies like "Final Destination" and "Three on a Match." Gilman also co-produced an episode for the "Whole Way Down" TV series. Other than the acting business, Mills' partner has been involved in various brand endorsements, according to The U.S. Sun.

The actor duo met in 2001, and while they've been together for decades, they've never tied the knot. "By the time Larry and I met, we were both pretty established. To combine everything at that point is really difficult. So, we just combined our lives but not our finances and stuff like that," the "Knots Landing" star revealed when talking to The Daily Beast. She explained that it was much simpler to continue on without marrying each other and that she's lucky to have found such a kind person who supports her independence. "I found him late, but I found him. Everybody loves him," Mills shared.

Mills adopted a child in her 50s

Before she met Larry Gilman, Donna Mills decided it was time to adopt, even though she was 54 at the time. "I was very concentrated on my career, but at a certain point, I realized there was something missing — it was a child," the actor shared in a conversation with People. Afterward, she took an 18-year-long break from acting to focus on being a single mother to her daughter, Chloe Mills.

As Chloe was four days old when Mills adopted her, many were convinced that she was too old for a baby, but she says she didn't feel inadequate to care for a newborn. "I never felt older than the other mothers, who were probably in their 20s," the TV veteran told People. She never regretted her decision and has encouraged women not to be afraid of having a child later in life. The actor has since returned to the screen in big fashion. In 2022, she was cast in Jordan Peele's box-office hit thriller "Nope" as Bonnie Clayton.