Sarah Ferguson Blamed Disney For Princess Beatrice's Near Mishap At The Jordan Royal Wedding

Sarah Ferguson, also known as Fergie, caught the public's attention with her quirky (and sometimes questionable) antics. So when her daughter, Princess Beatrice, attended the Jordan royal wedding, we weren't too surprised to see Fergie's name pop up following the event, even though she was not in attendance.

Reportedly, there was almost a fashion faux pas at the wedding involving Princess Beatrice, the Duchess of York's tiara, and an unsuspecting stylist. During her "Tea Talks" podcast, Ferguson commented, "I think the first hairdresser she went to . . . put the tiara on thinking she watched too much Disney. [The tiara was] right at the front," referring to the sparkly topper's improper positioning. The crisis was averted when Beatrice corrected the placement; Sarah confirmed, "Beatrice put it on herself, but she did look incredible. I was very, very proud of her." She addressed the innocent hairdresser one final time on the podcast, stating, "Lovely hairdresser in Jordan, very nice I'm sure, but I think they'd been studying Disney princesses."

We're not sure which princesses the duchess is referring to, as almost all of them seem to follow the royal rules regarding where to set their tiara on their heads. Still, it wouldn't be a royal event without commentary and opinions from positively everyone — especially the Duchess of York.

Even more newsworthy was the tiara itself

Perhaps Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, felt the need to comment on Princess Beatrice's tiara because it's the first time the piece has been seen in public since the early 2000s. Known as the "York tiara," the elegant topper features scrollwork, a floral motif, and plenty of diamonds. Sarah was gifted the piece by the late Queen Elizabeth II on her wedding day to her son, Prince Andrew, and wore it after the ceremony. 

The York Tiara is part of a set, which Sarah is also believed to possess, including a necklace, earrings, and bracelet. Unlike other royal jewels with a long history, the set was purchased by Her Majesty directly from Garrard. Sarah was spotted out and about wearing the lovely headpiece following her wedding all the way up to five years after her 1996 divorce from Andrew. Since then, the tiara has been stored in a safe, according to the duchess. She also had to add her two cents about that too, stating on her "Tea Talks" podcast, "Funny enough, I do keep it in the safe . . . It was very clean before [it was worn by Beatrice] because I do shine it up."

Seeing the York Tiara at the Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan's regal marriage to Rajwa Al Saif was even more surprising because Beatrice routinely doesn't wear the royal accessory. In fact, the last time royal watchers spotted her donning a tiara was at her own wedding in 2020.

Despite not wearing them often, Beatrice knows how to do it

Even though Princess Beatrice may not pop a tiara on top every chance she gets, considering it's been a few years since she was last seen in one, she likely is familiar with the unofficial guidelines on how to wear the headpiece.

Reportedly, proper placement is a big deal, and there are steps to take to make sure you achieve it. Your hand can find the measurement by resting your thumb on the center of your chin, where the dimple is, and extending your pointer finger to rest directly between your eyebrows. Without altering the distance between your thumb and pointer finger, move your hand upward and back so that your thumb rests between the eyebrows where your finger was. Your finger should now be where the bottom of a tiara would sit on top of your head. You can double-check the placement with a ruler because anything beyond 1 ½ inches from your hairline will ensure you make your way into the headlines for a fashion faux pas.

And perhaps most importantly, don't put your tiara on before you're finished spraying and lacquering, or it will lose its luster and sparkle. Then you'll be stuck shining it up like Sarah Ferguson allegedly does hers.