Why Kate Middleton Gets Upstaged During Her Royal School Drop-Offs

Is there another royal whose wardrobe garners more attention than that of Kate Middleton? We certainly don't think so. The Princess of Wales has become an undeniable fashion icon. Her selection of styles never fails to enrapture royal fans around the world. From her bold monochromatic ensemble at the 2023 Royal Ascot to her elegant white gown at King Charles' coronation, Kate is the epitome of poise and grace whenever she's out in public. It's another story when she's on her school runs. 

When it's time to take her kids to school in the morning, Kate, in a completely relatable moment, sheds the glamorous getups in exchange for clothing that many other moms might attest to wearing. A friend of the family told the Daily Record that when Kate slips into mommy mode, there's no thought of getting glammed up or slipping on heels. "She's either in her gym clothes or a dress and sneakers," the friend noted. The royal doesn't sweat makeup or jewelry, either. When it's time for mom duties, the princess blends in with any other parent there to drop off and pick up their child.

Kate was reportedly upstaged by another famous mom

During her school runs, a dressed-down Kate Middleton is apparently being upstaged by another famous mom. One eagle-eyed parent, whose children attend the same school as Kate's, told the Daily Mail that the working royal flies under the radar during her hectic school runs. The parent hinted that "the dads are far more interested" in a Victoria's Secret model who drops off her children at the same school.

As a working royal, Kate is a very busy woman. Flying to engagements around the world sounds like a hard enough job, but the princess somehow manages to make time to be an awesome mother to her three children; Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, too. When she's not working, Kate is most likely settling sibling squabbles, going over homework, and cleaning up after messy little hands. 

We imagine that the little free time she does have during her chaotic mornings goes towards getting her children ready and off to school, not perfecting her hair and makeup.

Prince William frequently joins in on the school runs

Kate Middleton isn't alone in taking Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis to school. Her husband, Prince William, has also been regularly spotted at their school, enjoying some quality time with his children. Per the Daily Mail, the prince showed up to the school unannounced to participate in George's reception class, a meeting where the children and school staff get to know one another. 

The Prince of Wales was dressed equally as casually as his wife, choosing to wear chinos and his glasses for the sweet yet momentous occasion. In 2022, William and Kate switched all three of their children to a new school. They transferred from Thomas's Battersea School and Willcocks Nursery School to Lambrook School in Berkshire. The switch came after the family moved to Adelaide Cottage, in Windsor. 

The royal parents, who were both dressed more formally this time around, walked with their children to the "settling in" event, which is held yearly to welcome new students.