Kristoffer Polaha Didn't Think Anyone Would Watch His Hallmark Movie With Meghan Markle

Kristoffer Polaha has starred in quite a few notable movies. Do "Jurassic World Dominion" and "Wonder Woman 1984" ring a bell? Not only does he dominate the big screen but also our living room TVs as a Hallmark star. He was the leading man in "A Winning Team" and "We Wish You a Married Christmas." He also had the chance to act alongside the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

Before marrying into royalty, Markle starred in two Hallmark movies. In "Dater's Handbook," she played Cassandra Barber, a bachelorette with a history of trying to make things work with the wrong guys. After using Dr. Susie's daters self-help book to fix her romance issues, Barber finds herself stuck between two potential matches — practical George and playful Robert.

Polaha brought Robert to life. Despite the captivating love triangle plot, he didn't think "Dater's Handbook" would rake in a huge audience. But thanks to the leading lady's popularity, the rom-com was on many people's must-watch list.

Meghan Markle's royal status brought an audience

When Polaha accepted the role of Robert, he did not believe much would come of it. "Here was a movie that we didn't think many people would see beyond — we didn't understand what Hallmark was at the time, neither one of us," the actor revealed in an interview with TV Insider. It was supposed to be a simple film Hallmark fans would enjoy. However, it quickly became one many were tuning into regardless if they liked the channel or romance movies.

"And then of course, Meghan met Harry later that year and the entire Commonwealth watched that movie over and over and over again," Polaha explained. Markle's rise in popularity was a big influence on the entertainment industry. "Deal or No Deal" rebooted in 2018 after the buzz from Markle being a former model on the game show. "Suits" viewership declined and eventually was canceled after Markle left the drama series. The "Harry & Meghan" series was Netflix's most successful documentary debut.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are one powerful couple, and Markle has her co-star Polaha to thank for the dating advice that changed her life.

Polaha had a hand in Meghan and Harry's coupling

The duchess and Polaha got along really well on the set of "Dater's Handbook," as Polaha told TV Insider, "Meghan and I hit it off like gangbusters, and we had the best time making that movie." Markle shared a similar notion sitting down with Hallmark. "This is our first time working together and we have mutual friends, so it was just really easy chemistry right off the bat, and I think he keeps the environment on set just so fun and easy and light."

Their connection led to a friendship off-camera. Ironically Markle needed dating advice, much like her character Cassandra. Over dinner, Polaha gave her the encouragement to enjoy her independence and take a break from relationships.

Polaha revealed to She Knows, "She texted me in January and she was like, 'I took your advice. I'm single, I'm free. I'm going to see who's out there.' In March, I get this other text and she's like, 'Well, I met someone.' I said, 'Do you like him?' And she said, 'I kinda do.' And then of course, it was Harry." The actor got an exclusive glance inside Markle's relationship with Prince Harry. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at her and Polaha's dinner date. But we'll just have to settle for watching their rom-com, "Dater's Handbook," available on Hallmark Movies Now.