We're Ready For Esme To Finally Pay For Her Crimes On General Hospital (Move On, Already!)

While "General Hospital" has been engaging viewers with compelling, even thrilling stories lately — such as the battle to save humanity from annihilation — several storylines have seemingly dragged on. Willow Tait's (Katelyn MacMullen) fight with leukemia took months when she was told she had just a few weeks to live, and "General Hospital" fans were especially seeing red when the sudser wasted a whole episode on her deathbed wedding preparations. Similarly, the story of Esme Prince and her supposed amnesia from diving into Lake Erie, conveniently rendering her with no memory of her litany of crimes, needs to come to an end. Esme was entertaining as a devious villain, but now she's just bland.

Her biggest crime was videotaping Cameron Webber (William Lipton) and Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) having sex for the very first time, and framing Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) for it. That whole story was quite interesting, as fans didn't know what was going to happen next and they were on edge waiting to see how Trina would get out of it. But now, it seems like Esme's old personality is coming through, as she's recently started acting like her old self and is getting in between Trina and her boyfriend — Esme's ex — Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez). But "GH" needs to wrap things up and move on to a different story instead of jockeying between whether or not Esme really has her memories.

Fans don't care if Esme regains her memories

It almost seems as if the writers of "General Hospital" don't quite have a plan as to how Esme Prince's amnesia story will play out, and fans are furious. The show posted on Twitter, "Esme is tired of defending a part of herself that doesn't exist anymore. Can she convince Josslyn to back off?" One viewer hilariously summed up the collective fan opinion, replying, "If anyone needs a punch in the face, it's Esme." Because Esme had her baby, Trina, Josslyn, Cameron, and Spencer all agreed that they should hold off prosecuting her until she regained her memories. Way to stretch out the story, "GH!" Spencer and Trina even found incriminating evidence against Esme, but they both felt it was probably fake and decided against using it. This story could have been ended weeks ago if they did.

Several fans also pointed out Esme's instinctual need to interfere in Trina and Spencer's relationship, with one writing, "Esme running to tell Trina how 'both Spencer and I' were sorry to hear about her father [hospitalized Curtis Ashford, Donnell Turner] says all we need to know about Esme's plan; she's still determined to not let Trina and Spencer be a thing." 

Whether or not Esme has regained her memories, her old, vicious personality is coming to the surface. The show needs to just resolve it once and for all and put this boring story out of its misery.