The Family Member Who Pushed Shakira Into Her Career

Ever since she first burst onto the scene in the late '90s, Shakira has had hit after hit. It's hard to believe that the fiery Colombian musician may not have become a singer at all, but that's what would have happened if she hadn't received a little push from a key member of her family. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the "Hips Don't Lie" hit-maker opened up about how she got started with music. 

When asked if it was her dad who pushed her to pursue a singing career, Shakira said yes, reiterating that without her father's support, she wouldn't have pursued a career as a singer at all. "I would be doing a different job. I'd probably be a doctor or an archaeologist. I always wanted to make my dad proud and wanted to please him. Even when it was a total drag to perform in front of my family," Shakira shared.

The fact that the iconic pop star ever considered singing as something she found a "drag" may sound crazy to those who know her as a confident performer, but Shakira elaborated on why she found it tough especially in the beginning. 

The singer lacks confidence in small settings

According to Shakira, the issue is that she felt super shy when performing for her family. "To this day, I find it hard to sing to a small group. It's embarrassing. I feel a little silly, a little ridiculous, and a little naked," she admitted to Cosmopolitan, going on to explain that a large crowd gives her the energy she needs to feel confident. Moreover, the singer said that, to her, singing to an intimate audience feels akin to "exposing your soul."

Her dad seems to be one of her biggest supporters, to this day. "When my dad discovered my voice, he was just proud and wanted to share what his little girl could do," Shakira revealed. She also went on to discuss the patriarchy in Latin culture, clarifying that the male standpoint was prominent in her household but she has a good relationship with her parents and wasn't afraid to stand up for herself.

The "Whenever, Wherever" hit-maker clearly didn't feel like rebelling against her father when it came to singing though, so we can definitely thank him for encouraging Shakira to share her unique voice with the world.

She tries to bring her kids up in a normal setting

Family has always been important to Shakira, which makes her dad being the one to encourage her especially sweet. As of 2023, she has two children. However, the singer doesn't make her kids listen to her music for the simple fact that she strives to bring them up with a sense of normalcy, telling Entertainment Tonight Canada that she and her family live their lives as simply as possible. 

In the aftermath of her split from soccer player Gerard Pique, in 2022, Shakira told ELLE that her shattered dream of having a forever family was extremely painful but she was trying to protect her children from rumors and media speculation. She also mentioned the sacrifices she made to stay close to her kids, such as moving to Spain for Pique's career in spite of the fact it harmed her own. 

"Thanks to that [moving to Spain], my kids were able to have a present mom, and I have this amazing bond with them that is unbreakable and that sustains us," the singer acknowledged. It seems that, while music is incredibly important to Shakira, she prioritizes her children above all else.