Will Sal Stowers Return To DAYS When Lani's Sprung From Jail?

Sal Stowers brought Lani Price back to "Days of Our Lives" for a temporary run in July 2023. While speaking with Soap Opera Digest, Stowers shared how excited she was to return to the show for a storyline in which her character Lani Price was let out of prison temporarily to attend the funeral of her adoptive father, Abe Carver. Stowers said how important Lani is to her, adding, "Any time I get to step back in, I'm very grateful. And this storyline ... I loved it. It was special. I was very honored that they brought me back for that." Stowers also enjoyed reuniting with Lamon Archey, who plays Lani's husband, Eli Grant, and the rest of the cast and crew.

After stepping back from "Days" in 2022, Stowers has worked as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. She also continued acting and has a new TV show set to release in the fall of 2023. However, she is open to returning to the soap opera when Lani is officially out on parole. Stowers told the outlet, "I'm always open to that. ... I'm never going to say no. Never say never. I'm always honored to get the call to come back, jump in and play, and see everyone. I guess we'll just have to see what happens in the future."

Both of Stowers' careers revolve around inspiring others

When Sal Stowers left "Days of Our Lives," she started a surprising new career — personal training. Stowers always had a love of fitness, but a formative moment that helped motivate her to join the industry was when she broke her patella a few years ago. In an interview with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, she also compared why she loves acting to why she loves training: "I am very passionate about helping and inspiring people. It's one of the main reasons I am an actress. I wanted to find ways that I could, outside of my career, continue to shed light on others and inspire my following to fall in love with loving and nurturing their bodies."

Stowers told the outlet about how rigorous the filming schedule for "Days of Our Lives" is, but she was still able to fit her workouts in before or after filming. Since she is still actively balancing an acting career with personal training, it definitely seems possible for Stowers to bring Lani back to "Days" at some point and continue both jobs simultaneously.