Meri Brown Might Be On The Outs With Christine, But She Still Showed Up For Gwendlyn's Wedding

It's no secret that the "Sister Wives" relationships have been rocky. Besides Kody Brown losing all but one of his four wives, the sister wives have also had their own share of drama and fallouts. However, love conquered all at Gwendlyn Queiroz's (née Brown) wedding, proving to be stronger than the ongoing feud between Meri Brown and Christine Brown. Gwendlyn, daughter of Kody and Christine, married partner Beatriz Queiroz on July 15 in Flagstaff, Arizona, InTouch reported. She shared a photo on Instagram of the pair sharing a kiss as newlyweds, as well as some pics in her Stories showing friends and family who attended the festivities. In one reshared photo, several members of the wedding party can be seen lining up for a group shot, including mom Christine in a hot pink dress. However, fans of the "Sister Wives" clan might be surprised to spot Meri posing in the photo too.

Standing next to her child Leon Brown, Meri can be seen just feet away from her nemesis Christine. On her own Instagram account, Meri posted a photo of her and Leon smiling side by side with the caption, "Best part of today. That is all." Notably absent from the snapshots were Kody and his remaining wife Robyn.

Meri and Christine still don't trust each other

Just because Meri Brown and Christine Brown were both present to celebrate Gwendlyn Queiroz's wedding doesn't mean their rift is over. In a previous clip from Season 17, Kody Brown claimed that Christine interfered when he tried to reconcile his relationship with Meri. In another video, Meri admitted that she felt abandoned when her fellow "Sister Wife" star decided to leave Kody. "I know what kind of relationship she and I have had in the past. It's been fun. It's not been super, super deep, but it's been a lot of fun, so, and I miss that," Meri explained, adding that the two women don't feel emotionally safe with one another.

According to Christine, the fallout started when she decided to step away from her friendship with Meri. "I just told her straight up, 'No, we're not going to be friends because I don't trust you and I'm not going to do that to myself anymore,'" she shared.

In June 2023, Meri posted a video to TikTok reflecting on trust and how she's learned to follow her gut. "When you're concerned about the trust you have for somebody else and you're trusting them to not leave you or you're trusting them to follow through on their word or you're trusting them to do these things, that's all great, but more importantly, it's about trusting yourself to be able to handle it when they don't act as you think that they should."