All Of Sharon's Husbands On The Young And The Restless

Sharon Collins' love life has been nothing short of tumultuous since her debut on "The Young and the Restless." She arrived in Genoa at 18, looking for a fresh start after having to give up a baby for adoption two years earlier. There, she met Nicholas Newman, who was instantly captivated by her. Nick's mother, Nikki Newman, disapproved of their relationship, but it didn't stop Sharon and Nick from getting married

The couple had problems, but Sharon's desire to have a baby became her primary focus. Nick was clear about not being prepared to be a father, but she stopped taking birth control pills and became pregnant with their son, Noah. When Sharon delivered Noah prematurely, no one thought he would make it, so Sharon's friend Grace secretly located Sharon's biological daughter, whom she had given up for adoption, to soften the blow. 

Fortunately, their newborn pulled through, making it easy for Grace to keep the truth about Sharon's daughter hidden, raising her as her own. When the truth came to light, Sharon was ecstatic and Nick eventually adopted her. However, Nick and Sharon's relationship was problem-ridden with infidelities and deceit. Nick decided it was time to refocus on their marriage, but he was too late and found Sharon kissing his father. Worse, tragedy struck when Cassie died in an accident, plunging them into immense grief. Nick sought solace in the arms of Phyllis, resulting in her pregnancy and ultimately leading to his divorce from Sharon.  

Jack Abbott

Jack Abbott began to pursue Sharon, who fell for the rich and handsome tycoon. They married on Jack's gorgeous ranch, but it soon became evident that his obsession with Victor overshadowed his love for Sharon. Lies and deception began to unravel their relationship, and during a business trip, Sharon and Nick shared a kiss. When Phyllis discovered this, she manipulated Sharon's former flame, Brad, to pursue her in order to keep Sharon away from Nick. Brad's attentions were enough for Sharon to serve Jack with divorce papers.

However, Sharon struggled to decide, and Nick re-entered the picture. Nick eventually decided to end their complicated affair, leading Sharon to seek comfort in the arms of Jack's brother, Billy Abbott. To complicate matters further, Sharon discovered she was pregnant but was unsure whether Nick, Jack, or Billy was the father of her unborn child. Adding to the chaos in her life, Sharon started experiencing kleptomania and blackouts.

Jack returned and expressed his willingness to forgive Sharon, even without knowing all the details. Phyllis confronted Jack, questioning how he could forgive Sharon for sleeping with his brother. Jack forgave Sharon once again despite the doubts, but their trust was fragile. Sharon later discovered she was carrying Nick's child but lied, claiming that Jack was the father. She did this to avoid breaking Phyllis and Nick up. When the truth eventually emerged, it led to the end of her relationship with Jack.

Adam Newman

Sharon's life took a heartbreaking turn when Adam Newman cunningly stole her baby at birth and gave her to Ashley, who had miscarried due to Adam's manipulation. Sharon was falsely informed that her baby had died during childbirth and manipulated into a marriage by a guilty Adam. However, the truth eventually came to light, causing widespread anger and outrage towards Adam. Sharon fought to reclaim her daughter, Faith, and divorced Adam.

Adam escaped by faking his death, leaving Sharon and Nick to rekindle their affair. Nick wanted to marry Sharon, but her ongoing struggle with kleptomania led her to decide against pursuing a future together. Sharon left town, hoping to find peace and redemption, but she ran into Adam, who convinced her to forgive his past transgressions. They reignited their relationship despite the objections and anger from those around them.

Sharon's unwavering defense of Adam's terrible acts caused speculation that she was irresponsible, making her friends and family furious with her. The couple was rejected and banned from certain places due to their association. The plot thickened when Adam was wrongfully arrested for murder. No evidence was found, and Sharon was subsequently arrested. Jack and Adam separately worked to prove her innocence, but when Adam discovered evidence of her relationship with another man, he discarded it, leaving Sharon to suffer. Thankfully, Phyllis eventually found evidence that exonerated Sharon and secured her freedom.

Victor Newman

"Y&R" fans were once again thrust into drama with the death of Diane Jenkins. Victor Newman confessed to the crime to protect Nikki, but Sharon never believed his guilt. She had recently obtained a restraining order against Adam to secure visitation rights with Faith and was focused on rebuilding her life. During this time, Sharon and Victor grew closer, as Victor had always held a fondness for her. Eventually, he proposed.

The news of their engagement made many people angry, especially Nikki and Nick. Despite the backlash, Sharon and Victor were married in the jailhouse. Unfortunately, Sharon was unaware of Victor's ulterior motives. He had orchestrated the marriage so Sharon could control Newman Enterprises and act as his puppet while he was incarcerated. He also used her to frame Adam for fraud. To gain her trust, he pulled strings from behind bars to help Sharon secure joint custody of Faith, further deepening their connection.

Outside the confines of the jail, Sharon could not resist the magnetic pull between her and Adam. When she discovered Victor's plan to entrap Adam, she told him and saved him. However, Victor's actions were far from saintly, as he pursued a relationship with Nikki immediately after he was released from prison. As the truth about Sharon's involvement in Adam's escape plan came to light, Victor had their marriage annulled.

Dylan McAvoy

Dylan McAvoy re-entered Sharon's life at a time when she felt alone and abandoned. Sharon was drawn to men who willingly tried to solve her problems, and Dylan proved to be a reliable source of support. Dylan's presence also offered her a listening ear and emotional comfort. They entered into a relationship, despite Dylan acknowledging his tendency to play the role of the white knight. It was during this time that Sharon received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Despite this, her joy was boundless when she became pregnant with Dylan's child.

She tragically miscarried but chose not to tell Dylan, who declined a career opportunity in law enforcement to prioritize their baby. He proposed to Sharon, who accepted but secretly attempted to conceive again without revealing the truth about her miscarriage. As time passed, Sharon began displaying unusual behavior, causing concern among her loved ones who urged her to seek medical attention.

Unfortunately, the doctor she encountered had a sinister agenda. Manipulating Sharon, she allowed her to believe she was pregnant, only to steal Nick's baby at birth and give it to Sharon. However, the truth eventually emerged through a DNA test, leading Nick and Sage to sue for custody and ultimately win. Dylan stood by Sharon's side throughout this tumultuous time, offering unwavering support. However, Dylan pursued a career in law enforcement, forcing him to enter witness protection and divorce Sharon.

Rey Rosales

Rey Rosales' path crossed with Sharon's after J.T. Hellstrom's murder. J.T., who was married to Victoria Newman, had a history of abuse, and Victoria confessed this for the first time to Nikki, Phyllis, and Sharon at a girls' night they organized. J.T. unknowingly snuck in moments after her confession and attacked Victoria. Nikki struck J.T., on his head, unintentionally killing him. The four women decided to bury him, but their secret was endangered when Rey Rosales arrived in Genoa City, searching for J.T. due to his outstanding debts. Rey supported Sharon, offering protection and growing closer to her, and she began to fall in love.

After Rey told her that he loved her, Sharon told him the truth about the murders. Rey turned them in and the four women were found guilty and sentenced. Despite this, Rey played a crucial role in helping them escape prison. Once it was revealed that J.T. was alive, Sharon and Rey decided to give their relationship another chance. Rey embraced his role in Sharon's life and formed a bond with Faith.

Despite challenges such as Adam's interference, their relationship endured. Their journey faced another obstacle when Sharon was diagnosed with cancer, but it didn't break them up. Throughout her treatment, Rey stood by her side, offering unwavering support until she was declared cancer-free. Sharon proposed to Rey, and they were married, savoring a period of relative happiness. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Rey suffered a heart attack and passed away.