Days Of Our Lives Stars Who Are Also Hallmark Stars

It can be hard not to get lost in the world of Salem. There is always a new plot twist waiting to suck you in when it comes to soap operas like "Days of Our Lives." It's even more painful when the faces that you've grown to love over the years are suddenly gone or replaced by new actors. The loss in your heart can be hard to bear since you can't imagine your favorite daytime drama without their faces. Well, thankfully, many of them didn't go too far.

Several stars of the long-running soap opera "Days of Our Lives" have moved to a new channel that lets them sharpen their acting chops with some love and mystery. Fan favorites like Alison Sweeney, who's played Sami Brady for several decades, and Chandler Massey, who played Will Horton for a few years, can be found on the Hallmark Channel. But they aren't the only ones, as several "Days of Our Lives" alum glam up the screen of your favorite Hallmark holiday movies and miniseries.

Here are five "Days of Our Lives" actors that have jumped from the town of Salem to the distinctive rom-com style of Hallmark, as well as a few Hallmark titles with some of your favorites.

Alison Sweeney takes a kinder approach

For years, you've watched Alison Sweeney grow up on the screen as the vindictive and manipulative Sami Brady. At times, Sami's tried to be sweet (think her love story with Lucas), but she's always been the girl that's so easy to hate through the years. Sweeney's long run on "Days of Our Lives" has taken her character through multiple failed relationships and marriages.

However, Sweeney's flare for acting and producing has moved beyond Salem. This award-winning actress has been the face of several Hallmark holiday movies, like "Christmas at Holly Lodge" in 2017 and "Love on the Air" in 2015. She also took her collaboration with Hallmark to the next level in 2022 by signing a multi-picture deal. Sweeney told Deadline, "I am thrilled to continue to work with Hallmark as they continue to support my work as an actress and as a producer. I'm very proud of our Christmas movie and excited for the future projects to come!" And her projects have kept coming. The "Days of Our Lives" star has released multiple movies with the channel in 2023, including "The Wedding Veil" series.

Sweeny is far from the only star to make the leap to Hallmark. Her onscreen son is also enjoying his time on the family-friendly channel. 

Chandler Massey shines as a holiday hunk

Unlike Alison Sweeney, who has been a long-running staple on "Days of Our Lives," several actors have portrayed the character of Will Horton, Sami's first son. Massey brought a new perspective to the character when he took over in 2010 by being part of Will's coming out story. Massey told AfterBuzz TV, "I guess something that I was doing made them think, 'This guy should be gay! And this will be great!'" The response to his acting prowess was phenomenal, with the actor getting several Daytime Emmy nominations and wins.

While the actor might have left "Days of Our Lives" in 2022, fans can still get a chance to fawn over him on the Hallmark Channel. Since his debut in "Next Stop, Christmas," the Hallmark hottie has been featured in four Hallmark TV movies. The most recent, "The Professional Bridesmaid," aired in 2023 and also featured former "Young and the Restless" star Hunter King. These two soap opera alums shine on the screen together as Maggie Bailey tries to keep her position as a professional bridesmaid a secret. Of course, love is destined to ensue.

From breaking the mold as Will Horton to lighting up the screen as Henry Whittington in "The Professional Bridesmaid," it doesn't matter what character this experienced actor takes on. He's destined to shine, just like his former costar Drake Hogestyn. 

Drake Hogestyn is back but not as John Black

"Days of Our Lives" lifers were probably, at one time or another, glued to their TV to watch the drama of John Black unfold. Starting on the daytime series in 1986, Drake Hogestyn accepted the role he still plays to this day. True to Salem style, the plot has thickened as Hogestyn has taken on challenges as his character started out as the presumed dead Roman Brady. Even when the original Roman returned, the amazing chemistry Hogestyn had created couldn't be lost as the character was retconned into John Black.

Since it's hard to get enough of Black, soap lovers worldwide rejoiced that Hogestyn was joining the star-studded Hallmark cast. He took to his Instagram in 2020, announcing, "I've joined the @hallmarkmovie family! We were able to shoot #ChristmasTreeLane safely and it will be coming to your living room this holiday season! Thankful for this incredible opportunity and can't wait for you all to see it." Hogestyn perfectly captures the aura and feeling of Meg Reilly's father in this beautifully produced Christmas story.

While he hasn't been featured in another role since "Christmas Tree Lane," many are waiting to see Hogestyn take on a new role. Given his commitment to "Days of Our Lives," it's hard to say what the future holds.

Another soap opera alum, Casey Deidrick, is also working on making his name at Hallmark. 

Casey Deidrick from DiMera to Drew

Casey Deidrick won the hearts of diehard Hallmark fans when he played Drew Vaughn opposite Emily Osment as Leah Taylor in the 2021 Hallmark Channel movie "A Very Merry Bridesmaid." His character made more than Leah's heartthrob; it was definitely the throb heard around the world. And, his face looks familiar for more than just his portrayal of the character Max Parish in CW's "In the Dark." He was also, at one time, a dreaded DiMera on "Days of Our Lives." 

The DiMera name strikes fear into more than one person in Salem due to Stefano DiMera, the evil villain that used to plot death and mayhem. From 2009 to 2013, Deidrick was the first face of Stefano's son Chad. His portrayal of the twists and turns of Salemites earned him a spot in "Days of Our Lives" history before Billy Flynn took over the character. 

TV isn't the only place you can see Diedrick's face, though. It might come as a shock that this former Chad DiMera was a skateboarder in his youth. He even participated in the Vans World Amateur Competition, according to the Men's Variety. It was only after a serious injury cut his skating career short that he found his love for acting. Thankfully, he did, because TV land wouldn't be the same without him.

However, he isn't the only one we couldn't live without — Nikki DeLoach has become a familiar Hallmark favorite too. 

Nikki DeLoach did a stint in Salem

Nikki DeLoach is a well-known face on the Hallmark Channel, with her collaboration starting in 2015. Therefore, you've probably seen her on holiday favorites like "Christmas Land" and "Sweet Autumn." DeLoach raved about her love of Hallmark and why she chose to stay put when some of her coworkers moved on to Great American Media, according to U.S. Weekly. The Hallmark star said, "I've been fortunate enough to work on a lot of different networks ... this is the only network I've ever worked at in my 30-something years of being in this industry where you truly are family from the top all the way through."

However, DeLoach wasn't always the face of your heroine in the latest Hallmark romance. She did a short stent on "Days of Our Lives" in 2007 and 2009 as the minor character Brenda Simmon. She might not have been a household favorite of the daytime TV show, but Brenda's death scene will forever go down in history as she's killed by her boyfriend, Dean Hartman, the mastermind of Ciara Brady's kidnapping. When it comes to love or money, Brenda drew the short end of the stick, and her character was lost forever — or for now. You never really know when it comes to soap operas.

Many celebrities have gotten their start on sudsers, but, thankfully for fans, they like to venture out to different soaps or even try new adventures — like taking on a role or 20 for the Hallmark channel.