Ben Napier's Remarkable Fitness Transformation Has Fans Crushing Hard

Sure, you tune in to watch HGTV's "Home Town" to see all the nifty home renovations, but you're also there to get a heaping helping of Ben and Erin Napier, the husband-and-wife couple who host the show and head up the majority of the work. The adorable duo met in college, married in 2008, share two daughters, and have captivated a nation with their charm. Ben, the woodworker and manual labor expert, has always been a burly, bear of a guy, with Erin's pet name for her husband being "Big." 

Sporting a full beard and an even fuller figure at six feet, six inches tall, he's also carried some considerable weight on that large frame, at one time weighing in at 300 pounds. While Ben still has the beard and the height, he recently dropped some of the extra padding. In an Instagram post, Erin showed off a short video of Ben looking dapper in a button-down shirt and dress pants, a suit jacket casually slung over one arm. 

"[Ben] got hardcore about his health and fitness last winter, ahead of his big shoulder surgery that was in March, so he could sleep better on his back and lower his BP," she wrote. "Mission accomplished." Fans were quick to react, including a few famous folks. Octavia Spencer was succinct with her, "Dayum!!!!" and multiple flames, while fellow HGTV star Scott McGillivray noted, "Looking slick." Singer Carnie Wilson, no stranger to weight loss herself, shared: "Wow just wow!!!! Congrats!!!!!!

Everyone agrees that the Home Town host is even more crush-worthy now

On the same post his wife, Erin Napier, shared on Instagram of her newly slimmed-down husband, Ben Napier also added a comment, directed at People magazine. He asked the publication, "What ya think, @people? Can I make the top 50 again? That's my real motivation." Ben was referring to his appearance in the magazine's famous "Sexiest Men Alive" issue in 2021. 

Fans chimed in with their positive reactions. "You look mighty fine to me," wrote one, while another added, "He looks amazing!! Every girl's crazy for a sharp-dressed man." One follower pointed out that he's always looked great, arguing, "You're just handsome in all shapes and sizes! Erin is a lucky girl," while a different commenter joked, "There is probably a stud joke there somewhere!!" 

Ben also posted a photo ahead of the July 4 holiday, with him and Erin in matching Chris Stapleton concert shirts. Although he didn't talk about his weight loss, folks could easily see his slimmed-down figure and took note of it in the comments. "You both look great! But, Ben you look fabulous!!!!" one posted. Another questioned, "What happened to Ben? Who is that skinny dude?"  As if we needed another reason to watch "Home Town!"