Kody Brown's Daughter Mykelti Looks Unrecognizable Now

The Brown family on TLC's "Sister Wives" has undergone a big transformation in recent years, not just in their family configuration. Mykelti, the daughter of Christine and Kody, has changed so much in recent years that she may go easily unrecognized in a crowd.

Fans came to know Mykelti as the wild child who regularly dyed her hair red, black, and blond and wore brightly colored makeup. She was a little stubborn and rebelled a bit as a teen, as many do, but now she seems to have adopted a whole new appearance. Now as a grown adult, Mykelti has revamped her look completely.

Mykelti has also been through a lot physically in the past few years, giving birth to three children in a little over a year. Since having her daughter Avalon in 2021 and her twin sons, Ace and Archer, in 2022, she has also undergone a dramatic weight loss.

Mykelti has had a big weight loss

Not only has Mykelti Brown Padron undergone a transformation, but so has her husband, Tony Padron. She posted before and after photos on herĀ Instagram, showcasing their dramatic changes. "The BEFORE & AFTER !!! @tonychessnut and I have gone through a major life shift," she wrote." It was time to get healthy."

The mom of three explained that they both wanted to do something sustainable rather than a quick weight loss tactic. She stressed how a commitment to long-term change helped them both achieve results. "We've learned it's all about consistency, not focusing on the short-term goal, but the long-term goals," says Mykelti. "Results like Tony and I have had come with longevity, not trying something just for a month or so."

The post ended with hashtags that clue in readers as to what the couple used to accomplish their newfound looks. They included #pinkdrink, #plexustestimonials, #plexus, #plexusworldwide, and #plexusworks.

Several Brown women use Plexus

Christine Brown, Mykelti's biological mom, and Janelle Brown, one of Kody Brown's former sister wives, were the original family members to tout the wonders of Plexus. A quick scan of Christine's Instagram page shows several photos of her holding the pink drink. "Cheers to when your jeans fit better!! These products rock our world," she wrote. "Bye-bye sugar cravings, mental clarity & energy on point, and weight and inch loss for the win!! What's not to love!?!?! Let's do this!"

While in Nashville, Christine posted a video that showed how she uses Plexus and offered readers to share in her success. She wrote, "Whether you want weight loss, more energy, gut health, less bloating, mental clarity, I truly believe we have it all." She then encouraged viewers to come out and see her, "Grab your fav products from us, and we will see you there!"

Her daughter has also followed in her footsteps, both utilizing and promoting the product. Whether it's the pink drink, Christine's new life since leaving her husband Kody, or Mykelti's weight loss, it seems like the Brown women are thriving.