All Of Taylor's Husbands On The Bold And The Beautiful

One reason fans love soap operas is the never-ending drama. Whether it's the out-of-control fights, the raging jealousy, or the declarations of love, there's something in them for everyone. What usually causes that heightened drama is the question of love. Characters cycle in and out of relationships faster than you could say "betrayal." One of those characters is Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) from "The Bold and the Beautiful."

Taylor Hayes started on the soap in 1990 when the character was played by Hunter Tylo. Tylo played Taylor until 2013 when her contract ended and she exited the show, although she made guest appearances in 2014, 2018, and 2019. Krista Allen took over the role permanently in 2021. Taylor is the daughter of Sharon Ashford and Jack Hamilton (Chris Robinson). Even though Taylor's always had eyes for Ridge Forrester (originated by Ronn Moss, now portrayed by Thorsten Kaye), Taylor has also had plenty of love interests over the course of her time on the show

In fact, Taylor has been married a total of six different times to five different men, and each marriage is more dramatic than the last.

Taylor married Blake Hayes before arriving in Los Angeles

Taylor (then Hunter Tylo) married and divorced her violent first husband, Blake Hayes (Peter Brown) off-screen prior to coming to Los Angeles. Blake could not let her go and followed her to Los Angeles to get her back. Convincing Taylor he wasn't violent anymore, she gave him a chance and they slept together. However, Taylor was still caught up in her relationship with Ridge (then Ronn Moss) and not ready to commit to Blake.

Intent on breaking up Taylor and Ridge, Blake convinced one of Ridge's co-workers, Margo Maclaine (Lauren Koslow), and Ridge's ex, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), to help him. He showed Taylor a video of Brooke and Ridge having sex expecting her to forsake Ridge and reunite with him, but Blake was sorely mistaken. Taylor stayed by Ridge's side, so Blake attempted to move on with Margo.

When his relationship with Margo ended, Blake left town and found out that Ridge's late wife had a twin sister named Karen (Joanna Johnson) who was working in a diner. He took Karen to Los Angeles and had her masquerade as Ridge's late wife, hoping Ridge would leave Taylor. However, his plan didn't play out as he'd hoped; Karen developed feelings for Ridge, so Blake kidnapped and held her while he attempted to get Taylor back. Taylor rejected Blake again, and Karen was rescued from where she was being held. Blake left town soon after and has not appeared on-screen since.

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Taylor's marriage to Ridge Forrester sparked a decades-long feud

Taylor's second marriage was to Ridge Forrester when he followed her to St. Thomas after Blake had shown her the video of Brooke and Ridge having sex. She had originally left town to give herself time to think about her relationship with Ridge, but he followed and proposed, and Taylor said yes. Everything seemed to be working out until the wedding day, when Ridge's other love interest, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) interrupted the ceremony and announced that she might be carrying Ridge's child. Taylor and Ridge married despite the announcement, although Taylor was concerned about Brooke's growing involvement in Ridge's life.

The paternity results for Brooke's baby showed that Ridge was the father, even though the results had been forged and the baby was Eric Forrester's (John McCook). This didn't bode well for Taylor and Ridge's marriage, especially after Brooke started working at Forrester Creations and grew closer to Ridge. While Ridge and Brooke left on a business trip together, Taylor and James Warwick (Ian Buchanan) visited Forrester Cabin and got caught in an earthquake. They slept together, under the assumption that neither would make it out alive.

Both Taylor and James survived the accident, but Taylor felt guilty for cheating on Ridge. She left a letter detailing what had happened, but it was intercepted and never reached Ridge. Taylor flew to the Middle East for a business trip, but she found husband number three along the way.

She wed Omar Rashid while still married to Ridge

Third time's the charm, right? Not in Taylor's case. Her third husband, Omar Rashid (Kabir Bedi), was a Moroccan prince who fell in love with her and kept her in his palace. After Taylor left for the Middle East, the plane she was supposed to be on crashed, causing everyone back home to presume her death. Taylor had actually gotten off the plane during a layover and been mugged in the airport bathroom, sustaining an injury that left her with amnesia. Omar brought her to his palace and took care of her until she woke up. Since Taylor had no memory, she stayed in the palace and Omar called her Laila. After finding a file about her identity, Taylor's memories came back and she tried to contact Ridge, but Omar refused, intent on making her his wife.

Omar tried to convince Taylor that Ridge had moved on with Brooke, and Taylor agreed to marry Omar but refused to build a romantic relationship with him. When she found out that her father had suffered a heart attack, Omar let her go see him. Little did he know thatTaylor disguised herself and nursed an injured Ridge after he had been in an explosion. She revealed herself and attempted to reunite with Ridge, but he was disgusted to learn that she had married Omar during her time in Morocco. Even though they were still legally married, Ridge left Taylor for Brooke and Omar returned to Morocco.

Taylor married Ridge again in 1998

Taylor's fourth husband was one she had seen before. She remarried Ridge after it was discovered that Brooke's daughter was actually Eric Forrester's child and not Ridge's. Brooke had tampered with the paternity test results and lied about them to Ridge. Upset by Brooke's deception, Ridge acted like he was going to marry Brooke but actually married Taylor again. At the time, Taylor was pregnant with Ridge's child, a son named Thomas for the island on which he first proposed.

Taylor and Ridge had three children together during this second marriage, and they were happy for a few years, even when Taylor almost died giving birth to their twin daughters. Alas, nothing good ever lasts on soap operas. Taylor was shot during an altercation with Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) and presumed dead, so Ridge moved on with Brooke. However, Taylor wasn't dead; Omar had her brought to Morocco and healed her again, replacing her body with a wax figure in her coffin. 

When it was revealed that Taylor was alive, Ridge and Taylor renewed their vows, but their relationship remained rocky. Taylor ended up kissing another man and was so consumed with guilt that she confessed both her recent and past indiscretions to Ridge, who annulled their marriage.

Taylor's marriage to Nick Marone ended in a custody battle

Taylor's fifth marriage was to Brooke's ex, Dominick "Nick" Marone (Jack Wagner). Their relationship started as a professional one, with Taylor giving Nick psychiatric treatment. The two fell in love and Taylor supported Nick when he was framed for murder. They got married soon after and were very happy together.

Once they were married, the pair had a child through in vitro fertilization. When it was decided that their son was in need of bone marrow, it was revealed that Brooke's egg had accidentally been used in the in vitro process instead of Taylor's, making the boy biologically Nick and Brooke's. Despite her best efforts in therapy, after learning the truth Taylor couldn't seem to bond with the child the way she wanted to. Nick confessed his lingering feelings for Brooke and divorced Taylor. 

Feeling like she was losing to Brooke once again, Taylor fought Nick for custody of their son. The custody battle for the child ultimately ended when Taylor decided she couldn't bond with him and realized that Brooke would be a better mother.

She married Whip Jones after meeting him online

Taylor's sixth and most recent husband was Whipple "Whip" Jones (Rick Hearst). Taylor met Whip through a dating website, although the beginning of their relationship was not all sunshine and roses. Since Whip was Brooke's ex-husband, Taylor was not sure she wanted to start a relationship with another man who had been involved with her rival. Whip convinced her to give him a chance, and they fell in love and married despite that complication.

The honeymoon phase was short-lived for Whip and Taylor. When she found out that her son, Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) had survived a plane crash, Taylor tried a psychedelic drug that he had brought home and hallucinated that she was on vacation in St. Thomas with Ridge instead of Whip. Whip got tired of battling with Ridge for Taylor's attention and divorced her shortly after, leaving Taylor single once again.