GH's Finola Hughes Recalls Tristan Rogers' Prediction For Their Future When They First Met

Finola Hughes has dished on her favorite "General Hospital" co-stars in the past, and now she's shared a memory from the first time she met one of her most popular castmates. Tristan Rogers has played Robert Scorpio on the soap on and off since 1980. Hughes plays Anna Devane — Robert's ex-wife and dear friend — and started on the show in 1985. At a recent virtual event on Zoom, Hughes spoke with fans and shared a story from the first time she met Rogers on set. 

Hughes did not do a screen test with Rogers before being hired for the role of Anna. Instead, they met for the first time on set. Hughes said, "I didn't meet Tristan until I was in my dressing room, and I've been hired, and he came into the dressing room ... looking like Steve McQueen because all his hair was short and his blue eyes" (via SoapHub).

She added, "His leg went up on the sink, and we rehearsed. And then later, when we walked off the set, he goes, 'We're gonna have fun, kid.'"

Hughes learned a lot from Rogers when she started on 'General Hospital'

Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio's relationship is full of shocking moments. In a 2012 interview with Michael Fairman TV, Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers sat down to talk about their characters and the drama they were currently facing on "General Hospital" involving their characters' daughter Robin Scorpio. Hughes told the story about her early interaction with Rogers in that interview as well. She added the detail that Rogers threw his arm around her when he remarked they were going to have fun, and then Hughes added, "And we did, and we are, and we do."

Around the time of her 35th anniversary as Anna, Hughes was interviewed by Soap Opera Digest and asked about her best memory from collaborating with Rogers. She said, "Well, it's all memorable. ... He was just really encouraging. Everything I learned, I sort of learned through him. He started us all off, this whole relationship and dynamic. We had an awful lot of fun in the beginning." She went on to say how much she enjoyed working on the "General Hospital: Night Shift" spinoff with Rogers and that she has had great co-stars over the years.