Al Roker's Son Nicholas Albert Lives A Pretty Normal Life

Al Roker has long been a well-known weather anchor on "Today," and his family has become just as beloved amongst fans. The prostate cancer survivor has showcased his love for his children: Courtney, from his former wife, Alice Bell, and Leila and Nicholas, whom he shares with his current wife Deborah Roberts. While Roker dotes over his family, he has made it clear that he and Nicholas share a special bond.

Unlike his busy siblings, mother, and famous father, Nicholas, popularly known as Nick, leads a mostly simple life. The scholar does have an Instagram but keeps it under lock and key. Therefore, not many images are shared except for those that his parents choose to show on their profiles. Nick has expressed interests aside from entertainment that he appears to be thriving in. Given the many challenges the young man has overcome in his life, it's no secret why his parents are incredibly proud of him, and even with him staying out of the spotlight, his many accomplishments deserve much praise.

Nick Albert is a Special Olympics gold medalist

In addition to being the son of broadcaster Al Roker, Nick Albert is widely recognized as a promising athlete within the Special Olympics community. In 2019, he competed in the organization's New York Summer Games at Vassar College as part of the swim team. He excelled in the 25-yard butterfly and 50-yard freestyle competitions, earning himself two gold medals. In true proud parent fashion, Roker shared several images on Instagram of his son during and after his big win, gloating over Nick's achievement.

In addition to being a championship swimmer, Nick has also made strides in martial arts. During an interview on "The View," his mother, journalist Deborah Roberts, revealed that Nick earned a black belt in taekwondo. Roberts also let the audience know that Nick had been gearing up to run his first marathon before taking a different route and preparing for his college career instead, yet another milestone for their ever-evolving son.

Nick has begun his college career

What makes Nick's many accolades so momentous are the many hurdles he overcame in the process. His parents have been vocal about Nick being a special needs child. In a 2019 chat with Guideposts Magazine, Al Roker shared that his son was autistic and also likely had obsessive-compulsive disorder. Roker credited taekwondo with helping Nicki balance his OCD.

"In tae kwon do, you have to master systematic sequences of moves to progress to the next level. Turned out that all those repetitive drills were just the thing for Nick. Where his OCD nature can be a drawback in some situations, it was a strength here," Roker shared with the outlet.

Despite the many terms specialists used to describe their youngest child, Roker and his wife, Deborah Roberts, never gave up on Nick. He underwent years of therapy and was enrolled in a school for students with learning and developmental issues. There, he found community in other children like himself.

Today, Nick is a college student, something Roker and Roberts have documented online. He began his higher education in August 2022, though the exact school he is at remains a secret to protect Nick's privacy. Still, they remain a close bunch, gathering to celebrate his 21st birthday at The Polo Bar in New York City. Roker posted a touching photo of the group, with Nick showcasing that bright smile, which has captured the hearts of many.