What We Know About Kirk Cameron's Wife, Chelsea Noble

If you grew up with 1980s sitcoms or are an avid watcher of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, you've most likely heard of Kirk Cameron. Cameron became a household name when he played the rebellious teenage son on "Growing Pains." However, to many of his fans, he seemed to fall off the face of the planet after the show ended. Cameron's move away from mainstream culture seems to have been deliberate, as he began to focus his energy on delivering faith-based productions. 

He's not alone in his new acting endeavors; right beside him is his wife, Chelsea Noble. Although she may not be in the news as much as her husband, Noble boasts some impressive acting credits of her own.

True fans of TV will probably recognize Noble as Samantha, a love interest of Uncle Jesse's from "Full House." She also had another role in a hugely popular TV show of that time. "Seinfeld," arguably one of the best sitcoms of the decade, featured an episode in which Noble plays as Danielle, a cheerful, happy-go-lucky woman looking for her boyfriend, Neil. In the episode "The English Patient," Danielle mistakes George as her boyfriend. George — in typical fashion — gets obsessed with one-upping the mystery boyfriend that looks so much like him. The ensuing rivalry between Neil and George to win Danielle's heart gives us one of the best "Seinfeld" bits out there.

Noble and Cameron met while filming this popular sitcom

Like many couples do, Chelsea Noble met the love of her life while she was at work. Kirk Cameron was on the set of "Full House" to star alongside his younger sister Candace Cameron Bure, who everyone knows and loves as D.J. Tanner. It was while he was on set that he first got a glimpse of the woman who would become his future wife.

Cameron told Entertainment Tonight that his mother, who had the chance to talk with Noble on the "Full House" set, knew right away that her son needed someone like the young actress in his life. "I came home and my mom said to me, 'She's even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. I just want you to know, if you ever meet a girl and you get married, I hope she's someone just like her,'" he recalls.

Call it mother's intuition. In 1991, four years after the conversation with his mom, Cameron and Noble were married. They now have a "full house" of their own, complete with six children: Jack, Isabella, Ahna, Luke, Olivia Rose, and James Thomas (via IMDb).

She's starred alongside her husband multiple times

If their initial meeting wasn't enough of a sign that it was meant to be, Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble would get another sign that the universe seemed to want them together. After their first introduction on the set of "Full House," Noble would land a role that had the actors crossing paths once again.

"Growing Pains" is the hugely popular 1990s sitcom that set in place many of the '80s and '90s tropes we all still love today. Fans of the show will know that Cameron played Mike Seaver, the oldest son of the Seaver family. The girl-chasing troublemaker would mature throughout the show's run, eventually meeting and falling in love with Noble's character, Kate. It wouldn't be much longer before their onscreen love story became a real-life love. 

"Growing Pains" isn't the last time the couple has acted onscreen together. Cameron, who refuses to kiss his onscreen love interests unless they're his wife, gave Noble an onscreen smooch while filming "Fireproof." To not put Cameron's beliefs in jeopardy, the producers allowed Noble to stand in for the female lead, who played Cameron's wife, during the kissing scene, according to Today. Noble and her husband also appeared together in his "Left Behind" movie, starring as Hattie, a flight attendant in a love affair, and Buck, a curious photographer.