How The Sister Wives Reacted To Christine's Engagement News

Engagement is more than just a formal announcement of impending nuptials; it represents a heartfelt declaration of love and unwavering commitment. It is the moment when two hearts decide to embark on a lifelong journey together. While it's a great milestone for the couple as they begin a new chapter of their lives together, engagement news can bring out a mixed reaction from family and friends. Some may revel in delight and excitement, while others might experience surprise, contemplation, or even disapproval.

Such was the case when "Sister Wives'" Christine Brown announced that she got engaged to David Woolley in April 2023. The announcement was done through Christine's Instagram post and she wrote, "We're engaged! David popped the question VERY romantically, and I said YES! I'm so excited and just live in bliss every day!"

Although Woolley can now call Christine his fiancée, the happy news of the couple resulted in an array of responses from the people around her. Her family and sisters for more than a decade didn't have the best reaction when she announced that she's getting married to Woolley. The U.S. Sun reported that the delightful news of Christine was met with confusion and daze among her fellow "Sister Wives" stars. Kody Brown together with Robyn Brown, as well as Meri Brown were reportedly dismayed upon hearing the news as they felt "blindsided" by it.

Janelle Brown has expressed support

According to The U.S. Sun's source, the Browns weren't exactly thrilled by Christine Brown's engagement news. One factor as to why the announcement was not met with delight was that apparently her "Sister Wives" family had no idea she was already engaged. "Kody and the Sister Wives found out about the news at the same time as everyone else," the source told the publication.

The source also added that Christine is already feeling detached from the family at this point and didn't go out of her way to share the news with them. "I have not heard that she went and personally contacted anybody. [...] I don't see her telling anybody about an announcement before she posts. She's never been that way. She just doesn't care. Like, it's her moment to shine," the insider further revealed.

Regarding Christine's former best friend in the family, Janelle Brown, she also wasn't aware of the new chapter in Christine's life, despite the fact that they just saw each other before the big news came out. Allegedly, Janelle does not support her relationship since she couldn't believe that the mother of six has already moved on. The source claimed, "She wouldn't even waste her time telling Janelle because Janelle's not really supportive." Still, Janelle commented on Christine's post with "Hurray!!!," and she also shared the news through her Instagram Story. As for the rest of the family, other than the kids, no one has directly reacted yet as of July 2023.

Meri reportedly shaded Christine after the engagement

Despite sharing a husband for over a decade, Meri Brown and Christine Brown do not seem to get along. There were stories that the pair went back and forth with their friendship, that ultimately ended. This was confirmed by Christine in a tell-all interview in December 2022. Since Christine left Kody Brown, there was speculation that a feud is still brewing between the two after Meri posted a quote shortly after Christine's post about her engagement. Meri was seemingly shading Christine in a cryptic post that said, "It takes grace to remain kind in cruel situations." It seemed like the TLC star was hurt by Christine parading her happiness. After all, the "Cooking with Just Christine" host cut contact with her and Robyn Brown after the fiancée of David Woolley left Kody.

The said passive aggressive post has now been deleted; however, Meri also posted a video a few days after Christine's news. There were assumptions that the post was still related to the soon-to-be-married "Sister Wives" star. The video posted on Instagram has a caption that says, "Embrace this season, you just never know what you'll learn from it, and that in turn, you'll be able to positively impact the lives of others." In the video, Meri shared an inspirational quote from author and motivational speaker Mel Robbins about going through something. She explained, "You have been assigned this mountain so that you can show others it can be moved."