What To Know About Hallmark's New Movie, Aloha Heart

"Aloha Heart" is Hallmark's newest romantic comedy, and it promises to deliver beautiful scenery, dreamy leads, and of course, timeless "butterfly-tummy" feels that are perfect for popcorn movie nights with your closest gal pals.

The movie follows Sara, played by Hallmark star Taylor Cole. Sara is a conservationist on a very important mission. It's her first time being a maid of honor, and she's really feeling the pressure of making sure everything goes swimmingly for the bride-to-be. She and the rest of the bride's party are in Hawaii to help prep for the wedding, but the swaying palm trees and crystal blue water are doing little to relax Sara (she's a bit of a workaholic). To add to her worries, she finds herself lending a hand to the hotel's handsome manager, played by Kanoa Goo, who needs help keeping his family hotel, the Hale HoAloha Resort, afloat. With so much going on, audiences will have to tune in to see if Sara buckles under the pressure or finds the time to relax, enjoy herself, and even find romance during the beautiful island getaway.

The location adds to the movie's charm

You're probably used to being whisked away to winter wonderlands when watching your favorite Hallmark movies, but the network's new movie, "Aloha Heart," is about to break that tradition. Get ready for a tropical romantic stay in Hawaii, and yes, we'll still be getting all those trademark feel-good rom-com moments in this latest Hallmark film.

Stills for the movie feature breathtaking rocky waterfalls, long stretches of sandy beaches, and the rolling hills Hawaii is so famous for. However, the setting of Hawaii promises to not just be a pretty backdrop for viewers to admire. The location plays a central role in the film. The cast can be seen weaving together what looks to be flowery leis, going golfing on a mountainous course, and holding vibrant surfboards next to blue-green waves. The movie is all set to be a fun dive into Hawaii's culture and scenery. The location also happens to be near and dear to lead actor and Hallmark newcomer Kanoa Goo's heart. Goo was born in Honolulu and has a deep love for his home state (via Honolulu Magazine).

"Aloha Heart" will premiere July 29 as a part of Hallmark's Summer Nights Movie Collection.