What Happened To General Hospital's Kim Nero? We Dive Into Her Story

Longtime "General Hospital" fans were surprised and delighted when Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) arrived in Port Charles in 2017. Braun had been nominated for an Emmy due to her portrayal of Carly Corinthos (now Laura Wright) on the show years earlier. Now, the beloved star was back, introducing a new character who was at the helm of some heavy-hitting storylines that did not slow down until her exit in 2019.

Kim came to Port Charles with her son Oscar (Garren Stitt) for a fresh start. She originally landed a job at Mercy Hospital as an OB/GYN but soon switched to working at General Hospital. The mother-son duo settled into their new life; Oscar even started dating fellow classmate Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy). Sadly, this happy new life would not last forever; through hard times and one major tragedy, Kim's world fell apart one piece at a time. Still, there is hope that the soap might be able to right some of its wrongs done to Kim Nero.

Kim came to Port Charles on a mission and left with a broken heart

When Oscar started dating Josslyn, her mother Carly was eager to meet Kim and invited her to Thanksgiving dinner. Kim was reluctant to go but showed up anyway, making her disapproval of Carly's ties to the mob clear. At that dinner, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) arrived and Kim mistook him for Drew Cain (Billy Miller), one of her old flames. She met the real Drew again and told him that he was the reason she moved to Port Charles since he was Oscar's biological father.

Oscar suffered a seizure and found out that he had an inoperable brain tumor, which Kim had been keeping from him. He refused the treatment that his parents wanted and grew apart from Kim. However, they were able to mend their relationship as his health declined. Kim briefly dated Julian Jerome (William deVry), but got back together with Drew so that they could be a family as Oscar got worse. He passed away soon after and Kim and Drew scattered his ashes in Kilimanjaro. Upon her return, she was never the same.

Kim wanted to have another baby to try to replace Oscar, but both Drew and Julian turned her down. As a last resort, Kim drugged Drew at a wedding and tried to sleep with him, but was interrupted by Julian. Wrecked by grief and regret, Kim decided it would be best to leave Port Charles.

Could Kim Nero ever return to Port Charles?

Leaving Port Charles wasn't so easy, though. When Franco (Roger Howarth) had Drew's memories implanted in his head, Kim fell back in love with "Drew" and slept with him. Kim confessed her infidelity to Julian and he dumped her immediately. Despondent, she tried to convince Franco (who still believed he was Drew) to leave town with her, but Franco's family insisted he stay. Kim left Port Charles after that.

If fans are upset that Kim has left the screen, there may yet be hope for her to return. A few years later, Julian went to New York City to search for Kim, but he only found her nanny. He was surprised to learn that Kim had a young son named Andrew, but he left soon after with this new information. In a shocking twist, Kim's nanny called her and filled her in on Julian's visit, reassuring her that Julian didn't suspect that Andrew was actually his child. Even though Kim Nero has not been seen back in Port Charles since her exit, fans wonder if there is a chance that she could return with her son and stir up some good old-fashioned trouble.