What Happened To Drew Cain's Memories On General Hospital?

Drew Cain (first played by Billy Miller, now Cameron Mathison) is a man without a past on "General Hospital." While he knows what happened to his life before he arrived in Port Charles, it's only because he was told that he was once a Navy SEAL who fathered a son named Oscar (Garren Stitt), whom he then watched die from cancer when Oscar was a teenager. He knows he was in love with Oscar's mom, Kim Nero (Tamara Braun), but he doesn't actually remember these things (via Soaps in Depth).

Instead, the things that Drew can remember from about 1996 to about 2012 happened to his twin brother, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). In a memory experiment between twins, Drew ended up with Jason's memories from the time of a car accident that wiped out his brother's childhood and teenage memories (via Soaps). Drew's memories ended up on a flash drive, but that is not even close to the end of the story of what happened to Drew's memories.

What happened to Drew Cain's memories on General Hospital?

When Drew first arrived in Port Charles, he was promptly, and accidentally, hit by Ava Jerome's (Maura West) car, which wiped out his memories (which were not even his own) and resulted in him needing plastic surgery that would give him a new face. When Drew recovered, he began calling himself Jake Doe and entered into a romance with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). It was Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) who stopped the wedding when she learned that Jake Doe was really Jason Morgan, the BFF who had been the object of her obsession for decades (via Soap Central).

It took a while, but all of Jason's memories came flooding back to the man now calling himself Jason, so he officially reunited with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), they got remarried, she had another baby, and they were one big happy family when the real Jason (Steve Burton) showed up back on "General Hospital" in 2017 (via Michael Fairman TV). 

Soon, everyone learned Jason always had a long-lost twin out there, and now bother Jason and his brother, Drew, had the same memories, making them in love with the same woman. Sam chose to be with the original Jason, and Drew was left alone wondering if he could ever recover his own memories.

Drew debates a procedure to restore his own memories

After a long search, Drew found the flash drive where his memories were stored and asked Andrew Maddox (Anthony Montgomery), the doctor who created the experiment that gives twins each other's memories as a way to develop a treatment for Alzheimer's Disease (via Soaps in Depth), to restore his original memories. However, Andrew warned him that there was a chance that he could end up in a vegetative state or the memories he made over the last few years would be erased (via Soaps).

Drew did not want to forget the late Oscar, who he had grown to love as the boy slowly died. He also didn't want to forget anything about Scout, his daughter with Sam, nor did he want Scout to have a father who she would never know, as he could end up comatose. Although the procedure was scheduled, Drew opted out at the last minute, but things got even more twisted when Drew's flash drive full of memories ended up in the wrong hands. This is how Drew's memories ended up in his BFF, Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth).

Drewco is born of Drew's memories

What followed was a series of unfortunate events that allowed the flash drive to fall into the hands of the mad scientist for whom Andre was working. A cult leader named Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin), who knew Drew during his Navy SEAL days, knew that Drew witnessed him commit a crime in Afghanistan (via Soap Hub), and he wanted that flash drive of memories to end up in anyone's head but Drew's. So, the two crazed men kidnapped teenager Cameron Webber (Will Lipton) off the street, but his stepfather, Franco Baldwin, rescued him by volunteering his own brain (via Soap Hub). When Franco woke after being hooked up to a helmet of wires as if the soap had become a sci-fi movie, he truly thought he was Drew.

For months, Franco walked around town truly believing he was Drew Cain and even slept with Drew's ex-girlfriend, Kim, who was so happy to have a version of Drew who actually remembered her back. After several months, Drewco agreed to have Franco's memories restored (via Soaps in Depth) and woke up looking for a sandwich, which is how his family knew they had the right man back.

Drew's memories went back onto a flash drive, and he was presumed dead for several years. Now that he is back in Port Charles and Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) is trying to see if those memories live deep inside him for nefarious reasons (via Soap Hub), will Drew finally decide to take a chance and get all of his memories back?