Good Bones' Karen Laine Has Fans Gushing With Striking New Photo

What you don't know about Karen Laine from HGTV's "Good Bones" is that despite her professional success, she gets self-conscious too. Recently, actor Jamie Lee Curtis and author Jane Fallon shared portraits of themselves on Instagram. In the caption of Curtis' post, she said, "Great portrait photography is an art form. I know we all think we're photographers when we whip our phones out and post pictures of our friends and family and ourselves think that it's great art. It isn't." Curtis went on to praise one of the portrait photographers she worked with, Melanie Dunea, and remind her followers that women need to stick together, tagging @sagaftra because of their current strike.

In Fallon's post, she lamented about how she dislikes having photos taken and has had bad photoshoots with photographers asking her to pose in a way she does not like. She complimented the photographers LEZLI + ROSE for a great photoshoot a few years back and how they helped her feel confident. She added, "I felt like me, which should surely always be the aim."

Fallon and Curtis sharing some of their favorite portraits inspired Laine to do the same. In Laine's post, she mentioned Fallon and Curtis and said, "Portraiture is an art and a skilled portrait artist who captures your natural self creates magic. Andy made me look much more attractive and interesting than I actually am." She thanked her photographer Andy and tagged him as well.

Laine's fans are an incredibly supportive bunch

In the comments on Karen Laine's portrait, her fans rushed to show their support and remind her how beautiful she is. One fan said, "You are an inspiration both inside and out! You're one sweet, kickass, and gorgeous woman! Hearing your laugh captured on live feeds, videos and the show always brings a much needed giggle from me."

Many others chimed in to say how beautiful and lovely Laine is. Some also tried to nip the negative talk in the bud. A commenter said, "Do not sell yourself short lady! You are beautiful and interesting!!!" Another said, "You are stunning! Don't you darn think you are anything less!"

Laine is an HGTV star known for her renovation work on the shows "Good Bones" and "A Very Brady Renovation" and her judge work on "Brother vs. Brother." Before Laine was famous, she was a lawyer who did renovations on the side with her daughter and fellow "Good Bones" star, Mina Starsiak Hawk. The duo founded Two Chicks and a Hammer to renovate homes near Indianapolis. Although Laine has now retired from Two Chicks and a Hammer, she still appears on "Good Bones."