Southern Charm Star Madison LeCroy's Orlando Surprise For Son Hudson Is Melting Our Hearts

"Southern Charm" star Madison LeCroy announced in a TikTok video that she's taking her adorable son, Hudson, on a mother-son trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. It's easy to see why the video garnered more than 260 thousand views on the app in just one day: His perfect reaction was complete with utter disbelief, lots of grinning, hugs, and even a few tears. 

The hair salon owner and her son have a close relationship, and she isn't shy about showing him off on social media. In honor of his 10th birthday in November 2022, she posted a compilation of cute videos of her son and wrote, "I want to live forever just to see what a great man you will become!" LeCroy also shared a photo of Hudson in July 2023 and called him "perfect" in a simple caption. Out of all the amazing Hudson content LeCroy has shared over the years, her TikTok video surprising him with the trip has to be the most touching yet. Based on her Instagram Stories from the following day, it seems like Universal Studios quickly exceeded their expectations. 

Hudson's reaction was precious

In the July 25, 2023, TikTok clip, Madison LeCroy and Hudson are hanging out on a porch swing at her Charleston, South Carolina home when she tells him about the trip to Universal Studios. When the Bravo personality initially said to her son, "We're going to Orlando tomorrow," it took him a few seconds to digest the sentence. After she repeated herself, Hudson asked in shock, "We are?" The moment the news sunk in, he grinned super wide and exclaimed a long "Yay!" And the excitement didn't end there.

Earlier in the day, LeCroy had shown him a video of Orlando and Universal sites under the pretense that she'd be traveling there alone. "We're gonna do all that," she revealed to Hudson. In what might be the highlight of the minute-long video, Hudson gasps and shouts, "No way! Mommy!" After several big hugs and "I love you"s, both LeCroy and her son were so overwhelmed by joy that they began to cry — Hudson tried to play off his emotion with a hilarious, "I'm just chillin'." The "Southern Charm" star wrote in her caption, "I'm not gonna lie... I cried like I do when I watch people's families on America's Got Talent." Surely, she's not the only one who shed a few tears after witnessing her son's elation and gratitude — her 105 thousand TikTok followers probably lost it, too.