Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For Week Of 7/31: Sloan's Scheme Escalates, Harris Enters Bayview

"Days of Our Lives" fans are in for more hot summer drama as July ends and August begins. 

Currently, there is a lot of tension in Salem and much of it involved Sloan Petersen and the web of lies she has built around her relationship with Eric Brady. Viewers will remember that Sloan lied about getting a DNA sample from Eric to test against Nicole Walker's unborn baby, and now she'll go a step further when she actually tampers with Nicole's life yet again by doctoring the test results for which Nicole and EJ have been waiting.

Meanwhile, the rest of Salem is also dealing with some very heavy situations. Here's what to expect for the week of July 31, 2023.

Brady and Kristen meet with a judge

Brady Black and Kristen DiMera are currently in the middle of an ugly custody battle for their daughter Rachel. The toxic exes both want what's best for the little girl, but they have very different ideas about what that is. After Kristen took Rachel and Brady physically threatened her, it's time for the duo to head to court. Brady and Kristen will meet with a judge about their case, but things will take an unexpected turn.

It seems that Brady and Kristen may both be found unfit to care for Rachel at the moment. The little girl may have to spend some time in the care of other family members until her parents can get their acts together.

Chanel and Talia have it out

On Wednesday, August 2, "Days of Our Lives" fans will finally see Chanel DuPree and Talia Hunter come face to face. After Talia and her boyfriend Colin Petersen tried to sabotage Chanel's business, the two women will likely have a lot to say to one another. Talia has revealed that she's not a bad person and will apologize for her actions. However, Chanel will have to figure out if she's ready to accept that apology.

Meanwhile, the characters did share a romantic connection at one point, and a relationship could still be in the cards for the pair.

Concern grows when Abe's memories don't return

Abe Carver has officially returned home to his family after suffering a nightmare ordeal at the hands of Nurse Whitley King. However, concern will grow for the beloved Salem mayor when his memories don't return. Although he's back home, surrounded by his friends and family members, Abe's memories won't return following his head injury and the drugs that Whitley subjected him to. 

Of course, Abe's wife, Paulina Price, will do all she can to help Abe regain his memories, but the situation will prove to be heartbreaking for Abe's loved ones.

Harris is admitted to Bayview

On Thursday, August 3, Harris Michaels will be admitted to Bayview Sanitarium. Harris has been through a lot when it comes to his mental health and when he arrives at the facility, he'll meet a familiar face. "Days of Our Lives" viewers will likely see the return of Ava Vitali, who has been undergoing treatment at Bayview since late 2022, after she kidnapped Susan Banks and killed her by driving her car off a cliff. Ava also began to hallucinate the image of her dead son, Charlie Dale, which ultimately led to her being committed.

Perhaps Harris and Ava will strike up a friendship and bond over their mutual Salem connections.

Eric proposes to Sloan

As the week winds down, "Days of Our Lives" viewers will see a huge moment for Eric and Sloan. Eric will pop the question to his pregnant girlfriend — but it won't be everything that Sloan anticipated. The lackluster proposal will seemingly prove that Eric isn't fully invested in the relationship and likely still has strong feelings for his ex-wife, Nicole. 

Although Sloan has done all she can to hold on to Eric and keep him away from Nicole, she'll likely jump at the chance to walk down the aisle with her baby daddy. Will the couple make it down the aisle before Sloan's baby secrets are exposed?