Kassie DePaiva Set To Bring Eve Donovan Back To Days Of Our Lives

It's time for "Days of Our Lives" fans to either rejoice or recoil, as a controversial familiar face is heading back to Salem. Kassie DePaiva returns as legendary troublemaker Eve Donovan on August 3, per Soaps in Depth.

DePaiva, already well-known in the soap opera world from her stint as Blair on "One Life to Live," was cast as Eve in 2014. She has portrayed Eve in some of her most despicable and heartbreaking storylines, such as her forbidden affair with JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss) and the tragic death of her daughter, Paige (True O'Brien). Eve was last seen in Salem in August 2020, when she kidnapped Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) and attempted to brainwash him into killing his wife. She was admitted to Bayview Sanitarium, and during her absence, fans have been wondering when Eve would return to their screens. Now she's back, just in time to run into an old acquaintance.

Eve has a run-in with a former classmate

Per Soaps in Depth, Kassie DePaiva is reprising her role for one episode, where she will run into Harris Michaels (Steve Burton), the newest patient at Bayview Sanitarium. Michaels has been admitted to the medical center after being brainwashed multiple times, something Eve has some experience in. The two went to high school together in the '80s, but the memories from the good old days are not fond ones; Eve had a crush on Harris, but he didn't reciprocate her feelings. Instead, he made a bet with his friend on how long it would take for him to sleep with her. The bad blood between Harris and Eve will make for a very interesting reunion at Bayview (per Soap Central).

Whether or not this return of Eve Donovan could result in a permanent reprisal remains to be seen, but in the world of soap operas, characters are never truly gone. If Eve receives the help she needs, there's a chance she could return to Salem and bring some much-needed chaos that's been missing in her absence.