Days Of Our Lives Forbidden Affairs: JJ And Eve

Most fans know that "Days of Our Lives" has never shied away from including the most bizarre storylines in their show. From implanting someone's essence into a microchip to multiple exorcisms, the show is known for pushing the boundaries on daytime television. Perhaps one of the more surprising storylines in the soap's history is the affair between two unlikely characters: JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss) and Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva).

From his start on "Days of Our Lives" in 2004, JJ Deveraux has had many gripping storylines to his name. JJ (also known as Jack Jr.) is the son of Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) and Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves), one of the most popular "Days of our Lives" power couples. He is also the younger brother to another beloved "Days" character, Abigail Dimera (Kate Mansi). As a teenager, JJ found himself in trouble more often than not; selling pot, stealing drugs from the hospital and multiple occurrences of vandalism gained him a less-than-reputable reputation. However, perhaps the most heinous of all his moral crimes is starting up an affair with his girlfriend's mother.

Eve Donovan, the daughter of Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughnessy) and Gabrielle Pascal (Karen Moncrieff), is one of the more morally gray characters on "Days of Our Lives." While some might feel sympathy for some of the things she has been through (such as a life of forced prostitution and an attack from the Riverfront Killer), others might despise her for what she's done to others, such as trying to break up her daughter Paige's (True O'Brien) relationship with JJ Deveraux by sleeping with him herself.

The start of the affair: first love

After JJ almost ended up in jail for doing and selling drugs, he had to perform community service instead; that's where he met Eve's daughter, Paige Larson. The two were immediately infatuated with one another; thus, JJ and Paige began what would become one of the most tragic relationships in the history of "Days of Our Lives." However, their new relationship did not garner the support the two lovebirds might have hoped. JJ's friends, Bev and Rory, didn't like the relationship and tried to break them up. Paige's mother, Eve, also didn't approve of her daughter dating the son of her long-time rival, Jennifer Horton. She even tried to pay a woman to pose with JJ and make it seem like he had cheated on Paige.  Her scheming did not work as she had planned, but Eve did not give up on trying to ruin her daughter's relationship.

After receiving disheartening medical news, Eve ran into JJ, who had been looking for Paige to reconcile with her after a break.  JJ attempted to comfort the distraught Eve, but what started as comfort soon turned into a full-blown affair. The pair immediately felt guilty after sleeping together. However, it wasn't looking like Paige and JJ would ever reconcile, so Eve and JJ continued sleeping together. Eve's plan to keep JJ and Paige apart seemed to be working in her favor.

The end of the affair: bitter heartbreak

"Days of Our Lives" fans know that secrets in Salem never stay secret for very long.  Eventually, the affair was found out. Paige discovered that JJ and her mother were sleeping together behind her back and was horrified by their betrayal. She officially broke up with JJ and cut off ties with her mother. Soon after, Paige started dating another drug dealer in Salem to get revenge on JJ for starting and continuing the affair with her mother.

However, as time heals all wounds, Paige was getting ready to give JJ another chance just as she got swept up in the Necktie Killer drama. Suspected of overhearing information about the serial killer's identity, Paige was murdered by the Necktie Killer before she could reveal any of the information. All of Salem was saddened by Paige's murder, but Eve and JJ both were devastated by Paige's sudden death and harbored guilt over what they had done to her prior to her death. Thus, the affair between the two ended and they both eventually moved on from the whirlwind of their torrid relationship.