Meet Kaitlan Collins' Boyfriend, Will Douglas

Since joining CNN in 2017 as one of their White House correspondents, Kaitlan Collins has moved up the ranks. This is despite Collins' heated face-off with Donald Trump, where she didn't hold back when questioning the former president's legal troubles. Collins then became the chief correspondent of the network's "This Morning" program. In May 2023, she landed a new position as host of "The Source With Kaitlan Collins," and remains on top of her game as one of CNN's most notable names. Much is known about Collins' excellent career, but her personal life is usually kept out of the spotlight. Only one lucky guy is known to have dated her.

Politician Will Douglas has been linked to Collins in a romantic way. The two reportedly kicked off their relationship in 2015, though not much is known about how they met. Since the two began dating before she joined CNN, its unlikely that they met through those connections. Instead, Collins was early in her journalism career, working for conservative publication The Daily Caller as an entertainment journalist. Despite not knowing how their relationship began, it appears that Douglas is a great match for Collins.

Will Douglas previously ran for the Texas House

In 2019, the entrepreneur-turned-legislature hopeful, Will Douglas, sought a seat in Texas' District 113. In his campaign for the 2020 election, Douglas ran as a Republican against Democrat Rhetta Bowers, who was vying to remain in the district seat for a second term. In the end, Bowers beat out Douglas, staying in her position. After his defeat, Douglas turned his attention back to assisting people during the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, according to his website.

He made the decision to run again in 2021 for the 2022 election after being disappointed in the district's performance, and what he deemed to be unfulfilled commitments. However, due to redistricting, Douglas was forced to end his campaign early — an update shared in an October 2021 statement. "My team and I are incredibly disappointed we won't have an opportunity for a rematch, but we know this won't be the end of our fight," Douglas explained in a lengthy Instagram post on his campaign profile.

Will Douglas owns a pharmaceutical company

Before embarking on his journey to the Texas House, Will Douglas was a thriving businessman. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy, he founded the Crimson Care Pharmacy Group alongside co-founder Trent Rexing. The company works with independent pharmacies to get affordable wholesale drugs. Douglas occasionally shares job posts for the company on his LinkedIn page, demonstrating that he is hands-on with the company.

As of 2023, whether or not the couple is still together is unclear. On Douglas' personal Instagram profile, he has not made a post of any kind since October 2021. Prior to that, he shared several photos of him and Kaitlan Collins, though they mysteriously ceased around 2017. Some outlets have reported that it was this year that the two separated, which would explain a decrease in pictures together. As for Collins, there are no hints of a relationship on her social media profiles. None of her photographs include Douglas. Instead, she documents her job and accomplishments for her 278,000 followers. Even if the pair actually did call it quits a few years ago, both seem to be still making strides in their respective professions.