What Paul Pfeiffer From The Wonder Years Looks Like Now

For six seasons, Josh Saviano played Paul Pfeiffer, the geeky but lovable best friend of Fred Savage's Kevin Arnold on "The Wonder Years." The beloved series, which ran from 1988 to 1993 focusing on coming of age in '60s and '70s America, was so popular it spawned a reboot in 2021.

Though it's been 30 years since the original "Wonder Years" last aired on ABC, on Saviano's social media platforms, he often reflects on his experience starring on the iconic series. As the years pass, he wrote in one Instagram post, "it's becoming clear to me that it was those years from 1988-1993, and the cast and crew that was, as the cliché goes, a true family for me, that formed the foundation of the person I am today." In another post, he shared an old headshot of his where he looks just like the TV best friend we all remember.

With '90s nostalgia running high and the reboot going strong, we're taking a look at one of our '90s series favorites, Paul Pfeiffer, and the man who brought the character to life.

Both Josh Saviano and Paul Pfeiffer earned an Ivy League degree

Josh Saviano began acting at the age of 5. Of course, while he's best known for his portrayal of Kevin Arnold's nerdy best friend, Paul Pfeiffer, on "The Wonder Years," Saviano enjoyed other roles in film, television, and theater — including Broadway — until he was 17. At that age, though, he became disillusioned with the business side of show business and decided to step aside from acting.

However, the former actor later explained during the 2014 "Wonder Years" reunion that he always loved acting itself. "The fact that there was another character that I could kind of hide in, or be part of, really was liberating, and I loved that," he said. "The wonderful feeling of entertaining someone, of making them stop and enjoy a moment that was because of me, is priceless."

In 1994, the onetime actor entered Yale University and graduated with a degree in political science in 1998. Interestingly, the series finale of "The Wonder Years" shared that Paul later had also gone to an Ivy League university — Harvard — and pursued a legal career.

The former actor practiced law for over a decade

Like the iconic character he played on "The Wonder Years," Josh Saviano also went to law school and became a lawyer. Three years after receiving his bachelor's degree from Yale, he entered law school at the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law in New York. Saviano received his law degree in 2003 and was admitted to the Bar of New York in 2004.

The former actor practiced corporate and intellectual property transactional law for over 12 years. His background in show biz inspired him to further specialize in entertainment intellectual property law, with the majority of his clients as a partner at New York-based firm Morrison Cohen LLP being artists and brands. Interestingly, Saviano's work even played a key role in the early days of influencer marketing.

On his LinkedIn profile, the child star-turned-attorney wrote about his entertainment industry and artist clients — which included makeup artists, hairstylists, chefs, and bloggers – mentioning how "this community of clients and colleagues helped pave the way for the next phase of my career."

Josh Saviano is a creative entrepreneur

This "next phase of [Josh Saviano's] career" includes working with artists and creatives in a slightly different way. Combining his experience advising creatives and entertainment industry types in a legal capacity and his own background as a child actor, Saviano co-founded a brand marketing and communications group for artists, entertainers, athletes, influencers, and content creators called Spotlight Advisory Group, Inc. Today, Saviano also serves as president.

According to the company website, Spotlight Advisory Group's mission is to "empower those creatives with the ability to cultivate their creativity to its highest potential, so that they can bring their creative vision to life and make their greatest impact on the world." The team at Spotlight helps artists transform their individual creativity into successful and sustainable businesses through authentic messaging, message delivery through well-selected content platforms, and monetization of that messaging through brand establishment and partnerships, sales of products or services, endorsements, and sponsorships.

Saviano explained more about the purpose and goal of the organization on Instagram in 2022, writing, "Each of us has the tools and resources at our disposal to have creative control over our messaging." This is something that did not exist before social media and various digital content platforms, which have, to some degree, replaced some of the power once held by the tabloids and paparazzi. "Once we understand that," he added, "it frees us to speak our truths and to shape the impact on culture."

He loves to celebrate the ladies in his life

Josh Saviano seems to have a personal life that's just as fulfilling as his professional life. From the looks of his Instagram page, the former "Wonder Years" actor spends a lot of time with his "[two] ladies by [his] side" — his wife and teenage daughter.

In August 2017, Saviano posted a sweet toast to his wife on Instagram for their 15th wedding anniversary. The husband and father also often posts birthday tributes, Father's Day musings, and proud dad moments on the platform. In April 2023, he shared a tribute to his daughter for her 16th birthday, writing, "Happy birthday to the girl who puts the sweet in Sweet 16 and the Yay in my day. I couldn't be more proud of the beautiful person you are, inside and out, and can't wait to see what's still to come." A year earlier, he shared how his daughter "inspires me every day to live with joy, love and determination (and a healthy dose of fun)," before later adding, "She is my gift to the earth."

The former actor's daughter seems to take after her dad when it comes to her personal interests. A fellow creative, she writes and performs her own original songs. Saviano shared a photo to Instagram from one of her performances, where he referred to the experience in the caption as a "proud papa moment."

The Wonder Years star remains close with his former co-stars

We like to think that the stars of our favorite TV shows get along just as well in real life. It turns out that Josh Saviano has remained close with his former "Wonder Years" pals — who don't look all that different today, just more mature, of course — Fred Savage, who played Kevin Arnold, and Danica McKellar, who played Winnie Cooper.

In November 2016, Saviano shared a photo to Instagram of him and Savage at a New York Rangers game, prompting one excited fan to comment, "Hang on a sec....you guys are friends in real life???!" Even better? McKellar chimed in, writing, "Hey guys!!" Later, in February 2019, all three posed for a photo together which Saviano posted to Instagram with the caption, "The more things change, the more things stay the same, and the more I enjoy hanging out with these [two]" before referring to them as "family."

In December 2021, Saviano also reunited with Dan Lauria and Alley Mills, who portrayed the patriarch and matriarch of the Arnold household on the show. They performed in a play together, and Saviano took in a performance, calling them "role models" who "love to perform their craft" in a caption alongside a photo of the three.

Saviano clearly thinks fondly of his time on the show because, in July 2017, he posted a photo of the old "Wonder Years" house to Instagram, writing, "Visited an old friend today." Aww.

He enjoys sharing his cultural and holiday traditions with his followers

Josh Saviano and his "Wonder Years" character, Paul Pfeiffer, apparently have a lot in common — in addition to their intelligence, Ivy League education, and law careers, both are Jewish. And Saviano clearly loves sharing bits and pieces of his heritage and cultural traditions with his Instagram followers.

In December 2018, Saviano shared a pic of his Hanukkah setup at home. "19 dreidels and emoji gelt later, this family of [three] (plus canine) is well prepared for the holiday," the former lawyer wrote alongside the pic. One of Saviano's followers, @ellybean17, even asked, "During the Bar Mitzvah episode of 'The Wonder Years,' did you chant from your real life Torah portion?" To which Saviano replied, "I did! My actual [bar mitzvah] was March 18."

Saviano also shared his Hanukkah family traditions to Instagram the following year. "Wishing those who celebrate a joyous Hanukkah," he captioned a photo of his family's holiday setup complete with menorah, chocolate gelt, and dreidels. "May your dreidel of life be weighted on gimel."

He loves exploring the arts and culture of the Big Apple

As a former actor who enjoys helping fellow artists, entertainers, and creatives refine their authentic messaging and build their brands through content creation and monetization, Josh Saviano loves taking in the local arts scene — whether fine arts or theater — in New York City, where he and his wife and daughter call home. 

In an Instagram post from July 2018, Saviano shared a pic of an art piece that two artists collaborated on and then gave to Saviano as a housewarming gift. In the caption, he wrote, "Thank you @consumerart and @sr.lasso for being inspired by and open to each other's art to collaborate and create this thoughtful and beautiful piece." 

Saviano also regularly takes in both Broadway and off-Broadway theater performances and shares his thoughts with his followers. A few of these shows include "A Chorus Line," "Antigone," and "The Stone Witch." While his short social media reviews show he clearly enjoys them all, "The Stone Witch" was especially special to Saviano, as it starred his former "Wonder Years" castmates Dan Lauria and Alley Mills. "Seeing theat[er] [o]ff-Broadway is one of the many benefits of living in NYC," Saviano wrote alongside a photo of the show's program. "Seeing an old friend and acting mentor perform in theat[er] is a true honor."

Josh Saviano is a dog lover

The majority of pet people are either dog lovers or cat lovers, and Josh Saviano appears to have a thing for man's best friend. In July 2023, he wished his dog a happy birthday on Instagram and shared a selection of snaps of his furry friend, Bula, where she's seen relaxing on the couch, the floor, and by the pool. "Happy 8th birthday to this neurotic anxious critter-hunting messy mushy ball of love," he wrote in the caption. "We don't deserve her but are grateful to have her."

In an earlier post from November 2017, Saviano shared a pic of his family's dog as a puppy where she is seen curled up on the sofa. In the caption, he explained more about how Bula first became a member of the Saviano family. "[Two] years ago today we rescued this sweet puppy and made our family infinitely happier. Happy Rescueversary Bula!" he wrote. "Now more than ever we need your unconditional love."

The former child star is somewhat of a food and beverage connoisseur

From the looks of Josh Saviano's Instagram account, the former "Wonder Years" star is apparently somewhat of a foodie who often shares pics of meals and beverages he's concocted on his own, longtime family recipes, or creations from some of his favorite restaurants and bars.

In November 2016, he shared pics of his first attempt at cooking for the Thanksgiving holiday along with a description of each course. The smorgasbord depicted on Instagram consisted of homemade ravioli and sauce, homemade cranberry apple raisin compote, turkey, roasted potatoes and veggies, homemade apple sauce and cornbread, and cocktails made from scratch. Earlier that same month, the entrepreneur shared a photo of his Italian grandmother's "famous" tomato sauce.

Other posts of Saviano's include his creations on the grill, his penchant for oysters and In-N-Out Burger, and his love for tequila and other spirits. One thing's for sure: If Saviano has any reason to celebrate, he's doing it alongside his favorite food and beverage concoctions.

Stowe, Vermont is his happy place

We all seem to have a favorite place in which we like to escape. For Josh Saviano, that place is Stowe, Vermont, the small New England mountainside ski resort town that's equally as known for its local breweries and foods — it's the home of maple syrup, cider donuts, Cabot cheese, and Ben & Jerry's ice cream, after all — as it is for its skiing. In addition, the beautiful Vermont town is known for its arts scene, its fabulous spas, and as the home of the von Trapp family of singers, who famously inspired the iconic film "The Sound of Music" and who run their rustic Australian-inspired lodge, the Trapp Family Lodge, right in Stowe. 

Between Stowe's local food and arts scene, it's evident why the town is right up Saviano's alley. During an August 2017 getaway to Stowe, Saviano referred to the town as his "happy place" in a post to Instagram. "...Thank you for more wonderful family memories," he captioned a pic of the exterior of Cold Hollow Cider Mill, a local Stowe landmark known for its "legendary cider donuts," before heading home during an earlier getaway.