What You Never Knew About General Hospital Star Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco has become a soap opera icon after landing the role of Sam McCall on "General Hospital" in 2003. The actor has become a huge favorite among fans of the sudser and the character of Sam has entertained with storylines including arson, murder, theft, kidnapping, and more. However, while Monaco is best known for her history on the soap opera, there are some things that even her biggest fans may not know about the star.

Monaco has also appeared in films, featuring in "Idle Hands" and "BASEketball," and was named Playmate of the Month for Playboy Magazine in 1997. Meanwhile, Monaco's first ever TV acting gig was on the show "Baywatch," where she pulled double duty. In addition to her role as a character named Susan, the actor also worked as a body double for Carmen Electra during her time on the series. Because of Monaco's history working as a real lifeguard, the gig seemed to be a perfect fit for her during one of her first Hollywood experiences.

In addition to Monaco's early career, the model-turned-actor also made reality TV history with her surprising stint on "Dancing With the Stars."

Kelly Monaco has appeared on reality TV

It may surprise some fans to know that Kelly Monaco made history as the first person to ever win "Dancing With the Stars." The show has become one of the most beloved reality TV competition shows of all time, with celebrities such as singers, actors, athletes, and more coming to the ballroom to compete against each other with the intent of winning the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy. During the very first season of the now iconic show, Monaco signed up and was partnered with pro dancer Alec Mazo. Although she initially earned low scores, the "General Hospital" icon ended up winning over fans and judges before taking home the show's first title. "I was driven to win," the soap star previously told ESPN of her time on the show. "I didn't realize how many hours I had put in because I had the end goal of capturing the title and I achieved that," she added.

In addition to Monaco's triumphant win in the ballroom, she also starred on another reality TV series called "Dirty Soap" for the E! Network. The show followed the real lives of soap opera stars, including Monaco's co-star Kirsten Storms, as well as "Days of Our Lives" alums Farah Fath, Nadia Bjorlin, Galen Gering, and John-Paul Lavoisier. During the series, fans got to know the actors a bit better and see some of the real behind-the-scenes drama from their favorite soap stars.

Kelly Monaco has survived some scary situations

During her life, Kelly Monaco has had to deal with plenty of adversity, such as suffering from hearing loss while scuba diving. In addition, the "General Hospital" star has also survived some very scary situations. In 2009, Monaco was the victim of a robbery when her Las Vegas penthouse was broken into while she was at home sleeping. TMZ reported at the time of the robbery, the soap star was forced to hide from the thief in her bedroom as the assailant vandalized and robbed her penthouse. Sadly, this wasn't the last time that Monaco had her home damaged.

In 2022, Monaco lost her home in Sherman Oaks, California to a devastating fire. Thankfully, the actor was able to get out of the house unharmed. Monaco's mother, Carmina, told People that her daughter awoke to noises and then sprung into action when she saw the fire. "She immediately picked up the phone to call 911, but the fire department was already there and had been trying to contact her to get through the gate," Carmina said. Meanwhile, security cameras around the house reportedly showed the cause of the fire as a lit cigarette that ignited into flames in a lot next to Monaco's home.

It's clear that Monaco has lived through a lot of intense situations in her life, making her a true inspiration to fans. Meanwhile, her experiences likely help her portray her beloved and dramatic soap character.