Who Is Claim To Fame's Olivia?

Season 2 of ABC's "Claim to Fame" kicked off with 12 new contestants, each harboring a unique celebrity relation. Along with these on-screen players, fans of the show have been puzzling out the secret identities of the participants, using clues revealed in each week's challenge and their own pop culture knowledge.

While each episode offers new hints to players and viewers alike, it also promises the reveal of at least one celebrity identity, with a weekly guess-off eliminating players one by one. This was Olivia's fate for Episode 6, as the chill redhead was elected to guess the celebrity relation of one of her remaining castmates.

Unfortunately, their guess that housemate Karsyn is related to NASCAR Racer Jeff Gordon was incorrect, meaning that Olivia was sent home after her own celebrity relative was revealed. So, now that their time on "Claim to Fame" has come to an end, who is Olivia and their celebrity relative?

Who is Olivia's celebrity relative?

As was revealed at the end of Episode 6, Olivia is related to the former TV personality Jenny McCarthy. This was an astounding revelation for the other six contestants, as none of them had even come close to figuring out the truth. If you're right there along with the "Claim to Fame" cast members, you might be wondering what hints pointed to McCarthy as Olivia's relative. While there was no official breakdown of every clue that was intended for this celebrity relationship, the internet has done plenty of speculation.

For one, all the bunnies on the clue wall and the "funny bunny" line featured in the telephone challenge, were likely a reference to McCarthy's early start as a Playboy Bunny and her subsequent career as a comedic actor. Though several of the players attributed the various masks on the clue wall to someone being related to Jim Carrey, those objects were likely pointing to the celebrity's position as a judge on "The Masked Singer." However, McCarthy also dated Jim Carrey, so that's another potential interpretation.

Also on the clue wall is the bloody knife used by the fictional killer Ghostface, as the actor appeared in "Scream 3" and its parody counterpart "Scary Movie 3." Other clues reference McCarthy's "Baywatch" stint, her time as co-host on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve," and discussions of UFOs on her old radio show "The Jenny McCarthy Show."

Outside of Claim to Fame, who is Olivia?

Now that Olivia is no longer on "Claim to Fame," viewers are able to know a little more about the ex-contestant without jeopardizing the secret identity of their celebrity relative. According to their website and Instagram page, Olivia is a queer and genderfluid person who uses they/she pronouns. She's also based in Los Angeles, working as a cinematographer and tattoo artist.

"I love working as a tattoo artist. It's really fun for me to have a creative outlet that is surrounded by creating and giving people works of art," the "Claim to Fame" player told Distractify. "Ironically, I actually do work in entertainment too. When I am not tattooing, I am a cinematographer on narratives, music videos, and commercials, which I love for the same reasons as tattooing."

If you're wondering what prompted the tattoo artist to try her hand at reality TV, she explained that she was actually inspired by her love of the dramatic reality competition show "Survivor," stating, "I'm not a big fan of being on TV, but 'Survivor' is my favorite show ever, and I would love that experience."