The Young And The Restless Star Who Had A Brief Fling With Chris Pine

Soap opera stars are no stranger to flings and affairs on their shows; couples like the ones on "The Young and the Restless" and "General Hospital" cycle in and out of so many relationships it can make a fan's head spin. But, some are just as familiar with fun flings in real life. Being in Hollywood can have its benefits, which means the opportunity to rub elbows with some of its elite celebrities.

Chris Pine is one of those staple Hollywood elites. From his appearances in "Star Trek," "Don't Worry Darling," and many more blockbuster films, he has cemented his reputation as one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. However, he's not just revered for his acting abilities; Pine is also one of the most sought-after bachelors among the celebrities. Like most A-listers, Pine's love life is followed closely by the press, and any little hint of gossip is spread like wildfire. Case in point: Pine's short-lived relationship with "The Young and the Restless" star Vail Bloom in 2015.

Chris Pine and Vail Bloom briefly dated

Back in 2015, Chris Pine was seen on a date with "The Young and the Restless" actress Vail Bloom (via People). They were on a lunch date, and spotted kissing while enjoying their meal. When the lunch was finished, they took a walk and window-shopped while looking cozy together. According to People, Chris Pine's representative did not give any comment or information on Pine and Bloom's relationship at the time.

Evidently, the relationship did not last long, as in September 2016 Chris Pine and his "Star Trek" co-star Sofia Boutella were rumored to have begun a relationship. It was never confirmed, but there was no more gossip about Pine being involved with Bloom after that.

While Bloom is known for her role as Heather Stevens on "The Young and the Restless," even earning a Daytime Emmy nomination for her work on the show, she has also appeared in the film "Finishing the Game" and starred on one season of the reality television show "Vanderpump Rules." At the time on the reality show, she worked as a hostess at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant SUR and stirred up trouble when she liked Jax Taylor. However, she left the show after one season to focus on her acting and producing career.

Vail Bloom's time in Genoa City is not over

Vail Bloom debuted on "The Young and the Restless" in 2007 as attorney Heather Stevens, and continued in the role until her exit in 2010 when Eden Riegel took over. However, Bloom wasn't quite done with her time in Genoa City. Vail returned as Heather Stevens in February 2023, and she has come back again in July 2023. Although there have been no reports as to the permanence of this most recent visit to Genoa City, fans hope Bloom will stay a while.

When Heather returned to Genoa City in February, her past love Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadei) wanted to rekindle their relationship, but Heather had other ideas. She told him that she had fallen in love with another man, and left for Portugal with Lucy (Lily Brooks O'Briant). Daniel has since moved on with Lily Winters (Christel Khalil), and fans wonder if this new relationship will last once Heater returns to Genoa City. Only time will tell what she gets up to on her next visit.