Soap Vet Kassie DePaiva Wouldn't Mind Bringing Blair Back To General Hospital

On the fan-favorite soap opera "One Life to Live," Kassie DePaiva played Blair Cramer, who married and divorced Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) several times over. After the show's cancellation in 2011, Blair, Todd, and several other "OLTL" characters moved over to "General Hospital" until a rights dispute put the kibosh on the transfer. DePaiva has been on several soaps in the years since then, including "Guiding Light" and "Days of Our Lives." Recently, she brought her character Eve Donovan back to "Days" for a short stint, and fans have welcomed the reprisal. However, it's Blair that many viewers miss seeing on their TV screens regularly.

The on-again off-again love story of Blair and Todd spilled over from Llanview to Port Charles in 2012. Blair even met a kindred spirit in Carly Spencer (Laura Wright). When the characters were forced to leave the show, we were left with some hanging plot threads including the fact that Blair and Todd tied the knot in secret. Regarding the potential friendship between Carly and Blair that never got a chance to manifest, DePaiva had told EW in 2012 that the two characters "make a lasting impression on each other. They meet under interesting circumstances without knowing who the other person is." In other words, there were plenty more storylines to be explored for the character.

Happily, DePaiva recently teased that she'd be open to bringing Blair back to "General Hospital," and while there are no concrete plans for that to happen, the very thought is enough to get many fans excited.

DePaiva enjoyed working with Steve Burton

Kassie DePaiva spoke to Soap Opera Digest in August 2023. When asked if she would ever consider bringing Blair Cramer back to "General Hospital," she happily responded, "You bet. There's a lot of history there, a lot of time, a lot of water under that bridge. But I guess Todd [Manning, Roger Howarth] is not Todd, right? So if I was to go back on that show, he probably wouldn't recognize me. But I could go, 'You're hot. You look like somebody I used to know.'" She was referencing the fact that after "GH" had to let go of the "OLTL" characters, many of the actors were recast, including Howarth, who now plays Austin Gatlin-Holt on the sudser.

In reprising her role as Eve Donovan on "Days of Our Lives," DePaiva acted in some scenes with "General Hospital" alum Steve Burton (ex-Jason Morgan, Harris Michaels "Days"). She told Soap Opera Digest, "It was fun. I got to work with Mr. [Steve] Burton [Harris], which was nice. I knew him from ABC times down at Super Soap Weekend, and I actually had a group scene with him when I first came on 'General Hospital' as Blair." In preparation for those scenes, DePaiva said she watched all the previous ones with Eve's original portrayer, Charlotte Ross, from 1988, explaining, "I just tried to stay true to the history."

Once her work on "Days" ends, fans still hope DePaiva will return to "General Hospital" to tie up some of those loose plot threads!