Kate Moss: The Real Reason You Don't Hear About Her Anymore

Kate Moss got her start in modeling when she was just 14 years old in the late '80s, posing for the cover of a British magazine just one year later. As noted by her biography, she was soon picked up by Calvin Klein for the Obsession ad campaign in 1993. This campaign propelled Moss into the spotlight, and she quickly became an "It" girl with whom everyone wanted to work. At the time, she was a model like no one had ever seen. Moss' unique, thin appearance soon became known as "the waif look," and it would work in her favor.


Throughout her decades-long career, the model has graced the covers of over 300 magazines. As she became more and more famous, however, Moss also acquired infamy for drug and alcohol abuse. Moss' addiction would go on to accompany her throughout much of her career. So, is that why you don't hear about her as much these days? There's more to it than that. Keep on reading.

Bouncing back from scandal

Moss' hard-partying lifestyle was exposed in 2005 when British tabloid the Daily Mirror published photos of the model appearing to do cocaine. Although Moss' "bad girl" image had its appeal, this naturally crossed the line. British media at the time reported that Moss was soon dropped by H&M, Burberry, H. Stern, Chanel, and more (via Vanity Fair).


She went on to spend some time in rehab, and, by 2006, she started to make her way back into the fashion world. During this time, she refused to give interviews, which, as The Guardian wrote back in 2006, "added to her allure incalculably." By the end of the year, Calvin Klein and Burberry resumed working with the model. According to her biography, Moss also got a brand new deal with Topshop to design her own clothing collection. In 2007, she released her eponymous fragrance and, since then, she's added several more perfumes to her line.

There was no keeping this woman down — that's for sure.

She became more than a face for Vogue

You could say Moss bounced back stronger than ever after she earned the moniker "Cocaine Kate." In 2013, she joined British Vogue not as a model but as a contributing fashion editor. Prior to accepting the esteemed position, Moss had appeared on British Vogue covers over 30 times.


The magazine's now-former editor Alexandra Shulman is quoted as saying to Women's Wear Daily at the time that she was excited to work with the model-turned-editor, citing that Moss' "depth of fashion knowledge and understanding of what makes a wonderful image will be exciting to see used in the pages of British Vogue." The founder of modeling agency Storm Models, which had represented Moss at the time, told British Vogue, "This is a natural development in her remarkable career. Bringing her unique sense of style and creative sensibility to Vogue is the perfect fit. She is the definitive Vogue cover girl." Well, there's definitely no arguing with that logic.

She started designing again

After Kate Moss signed a contract with Topshop in 2007, she remained with the company for three years. In 2013, E! News revealed that the model would once again be teaming up with the retailer to create a brand new collection. This would be mutually beneficial. When Moss' line appeared in stores back in 2007, the entire collection sold out on the first day. 


This time, Moss would go on to produce a whopping 40-piece collection in collaboration with Topshop's creative director, Moss' fellow Vogue contributing fashion editor Katy Phelan, and stylist Katy England. 

"I have really missed being involved in the design process, and working with the team at Topshop," Moss revealed in a press release (via E! News). "I am very excited to create a new collection that bears my name. Now more than ever with London being at the forefront of fashion as it feels like I'm back home working with Topshop."

She dropped her modeling agency and did what?

According to Reuters, the majority of models will venture into retirement by their mid-20s. That's right — when most of us are just starting to find our footing in the professional world, models are being shown the door. Eek. So, when the news came that she left the modeling agency that had repped her for nearly 30 years, were we to believe that the model was retiring? As it turns out, Moss was actually adding yet another line to her resume.


After officially parting ways with Storm Models, she launched the Kate Moss Agency several months later on the down low, as Vogue reported. She officially started the agency when she signed two young models: Louis Baines and Elfie Reigate, Moss' goddaughter and daughter of her close friend, model Rosemary Ferguson.

Since opening her agency in 2016, Moss hasn't added a ton of new talent, signing just nine people — not including herself — by 2018. That may just be by design, however, as her site reveals that she's focused on "managing people's careers, not just running an agency."

This is why she doesn't give interviews often

In a truly rare occurrence, Moss sat down with none other than Vogue in 2017. It seems that, after coming out the other side of the cocaine scandal, Moss has still largely kept to her strict no-interview policy — but probably not for the reason you're thinking.


"I don't give interviews because I'm so s*** at keeping my mouth shut when I do," she divulged to Vogue. Still, Fiona Golfar, the writer who conducted the interview, noted Moss' "unfailing instinct to say 'off the record' the moment she launches into a story." 

Though Moss may think she's bad at interviews, her old friend, hairstylist James Brown, has a different opinion. "The thing about Kate is that one could imagine she inhabits this rarefied world and only talks to famous people," he said. "But go into a [newsdealer] with her and within seconds she's deep in chat with the lady behind the counter, telling her some story, asking her questions." He added, "She's a communicator."

Now that's a side of Moss we rarely get to see.


Is this the reason she was MIA in the USA?

Okay, so Moss may not be very willing to give interviews, but that doesn't explain why we barely see her out and about in the United States. Page Six speculated that her absence stemmed from a problem with her visa. A source reportedly revealed to the site: "Playboy was planning a huge event in Los Angeles to celebrate Kate and their 60th anniversary, but she still has visa issues, so the party had to be canceled and moved to London."


A spokesperson for Playboy didn't comment on any visa issues but did shoot down the idea of an L.A.-based event. "As for the party, we actually always planned on having an event at the Playboy Club in London to celebrate the 60th anniversary and Kate's pictorial."

Hmm. Well, whatever the reason, Moss managed to finally make her way back to the States in May 2018, wearing a very appropriate leather jacket with the words "Make America Kate Again" emblazoned across the back. 

She's busy being a mom

After making her long-awaited return to the U.S., Kate Moss returned to the Met Gala for the first time in nearly ten years. Though the gala was a great occasion for a glamorous comeback, just why haven't we been seeing Moss all the time? The reason is pretty simple: She's busy. Not only is she running her own agency, but she's also the mother to daughter Lila Grace.


In September 2018, Moss sat down for a rare on-camera interview with Megyn Kelly on Megyn Kelly Todayand she talked about being a parent to a teenage daughter. "It's the best thing," Moss told Kelly. "It's my favorite thing." 

The model mama revealed that she and her daughter are "really close." Moss shared, "And now we're hanging out like as friends 'cause she's getting older — we can go shopping together," adding with laugh, "It's really fun." Shopping with the Kate Moss? That does sound fun.

She's the director of this brand

Moss also opened up to Megyn Kelly about her new role as a creative director for the Japanese skincare company Decorté. Although Moss had already been working as a face for the brand for three years, she was asked to take on the creative position in the fall of 2018.


"I love being on that side of the camera and being creative with the photographer and stylist and getting an image together that represents the brand," Moss told Kelly. Now, this doesn't mean you won't see Moss' face anymore. For some time, Decorté's site features a variety of images of the model, including some on the homepage. A section of the site was also dedicated to "Kate's Favorites," in case fans wanted to steal some of the model's beauty secrets. Unfortunately, the Fountain of Youth that Moss has to be using is not for sale — at least not yet. 

Yes, she still models

Kate Moss may be taking on more and more behind-the-scenes work these days, but we shouldn't take this as a sign that the model is going to retire anytime soon. So what if she's years past the typical retirement age of a model? She's Kate freaking Moss. 


While visiting Megyn Kelly Todaythe model put to rest any rumors of quitting or retiring when asked about her next big life plans. Moss stated, "Well, I'm gonna be working in the agency more, I think, and — but still modeling — I'm still working, so, and I enjoy it." Moss also said that she was looking forward to seeing what daughter Lila Grace will be interested in doing in the future. And, if she decides to continue modeling, as she's been doing, mama Moss will give her support.

Even though you may not hear about her much these days, Kate Moss is, without a doubt, a woman who wears many hats — and she looks great in all of them, naturally.